10 Lines on Butterfly in English [3 Examples]


In this session, you will learn how to write 10 Lines on Butterfly. Here I have written every set for students in different standards. Beginning from primary classes the difficulty level will gradually increase with each set.

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10 Lines on Butterfly for Kids

  1. A butterfly is a beautiful creature on earth.
  2. It has two wings and tiny legs, and antennas on its head.
  3. A butterfly has different colours and shapes.
  4. A butterfly is formed from a caterpillar.
  5. The caterpillar makes a cocoon to protect itself from any harm.
  6. The larva develops into a butterfly
  7. Butterflies are found in different parts of the world.
  8. They help in the growth of the plants and flowers 
  9. They mostly feed on nectar and other small leaves of several plants.
  10.  The butterflies are often preserved in different reserve stations. 

10 Lines on Butterfly for Class 1,2,3

  1. A butterfly is one of the smallest and yet one of the most beautiful creatures found on the earth, with pretty wings and tiny legs.
  2. It is quite smaller than other earth flies but also varies in different sizes, shapes, and colours.
  3. It originates from a caterpillar that forms a cocoon of thorns around itself before turning into a butterfly.
  4. The cocoon protects the larva from any danger that can destroy its development.
  5. The caterpillar feeds on leaves and fruits and grows quite thick to become a big butterfly.
  1. After a certain time span, the cocoon breaks and the butterfly sets its flight. 
  2. The butterfly flies from one flower to another and feeds on its nectar.
  3. It is responsible for the pollination and the fertilisation of flowers
  4. Often black moths also grow in a similar pattern to a butterfly.
  5. A butterfly represents the harmless beauty of nature.
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10 Lines on Butterfly for Class 4,5,6

  1. To be both pretty and precious needs nothing expensive if we look at a butterfly.
  2. With its tiny wings and even smaller limbs, it remains one of the wondrous creations of mother nature.
  3. A butterfly evolves from a thick caterpillar that feeds over plant leaves and fruits before forming its shell around itself.
  4. Once it’s thick, it crawls and forms a hairy cocoon around itself that prevents it from any damage.
  5. The caterpillar evolves in a course of time into the butterfly and once fully developed it breaks the shell and flies.
  1. The most magnificent aspect of the butterfly is the wings and the vascular system that helps it to breathe.
  2. The butterfly thrives on nectar and enables the pollination of flowers.
  3. The antenna on its head and the limbs help in sensations.
  4. A butterfly belongs to the phylum Arthropoda.
  5.  Even without a spine, it flies in its grace.

Hopefully, after going through this session, you have a clear idea about writing 10 Lines on Butterflies. Now I suggest you try writing one yourself. If you have any doubts regarding today’s session, keep them posted in the comment section below. I’ll try to clarify your query as soon as possible. 

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