10 Lines on Train in English [3 Examples]


In this session, you will learn about writing 10 Lines on Trains. There will be three sets of samples written on the same topic for your understanding and the difficulty level there will increase gradually for different grades of students. 

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10 Lines on Train for Kids

  1. A train is a vehicle.
  2. It is long and has many wheels. 
  3. The train moves on rail lines.
  4.  It runs on electricity. 
  5. It carries lots of people. 
  6. The train has many cabins.
  7.  People travel for short and long distances by train. 
  8. It is important for daily transport. 
  9. Trains also have coal and other materials.
  10.  Trains can be local, express, and also metro rails.

10 Lines on Train for Classes 1,2,3

  1. People use different modes of transport and the train is a vital medium.
  2.  A train is a long vehicle with wheels and lots of cabins.
  3.  It moves spirally over the railways. 
  4. Trains are used to travel both shorter and longer distances.
  5.  It is a time-efficient system. 
  6. Many trains are used to carry goods and other products besides people. 
  7. Today we have different forms of trains like the local and express railways. 
  8. The metro rail is another great medium of daily communication. 
  9. The trains are used as a postal system. 
  10. Due to this efficient railway system, human communication is more accessible now.
10 Lines on Train Example

10 Lines on Train for Classes 4,5,6

  1. Since the colonial period, India has experienced railways as an important communication system. 
  2. The first railway system was introduced in India by the British in the 19th century. 
  3. The earliest train route was implemented in Thane for the first time. 
  4. Today we have come through a great development of the railway systems. 
  5. Trains today are long vehicles that run on electricity and move at a great speed.
  6. It is the only communication after the airlines that has no traffic difficulties and is thus time-efficient.
  7.  The railways are long and provide a connection between great cities and distances. 
  8. However, train accidents are quite terrific that kill lots of innocent lives, and cause great damage to resources.
  9.  Yet with the maintenance of the railways, such disasters can be reduced. 
  10. Trains are still the most effective communication system for millions travelling far and wide daily.
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