Write a Letter to the Editor Highlighting the Evils of Street Begging


In this article, you will be taught how to write a letter to an editor of a newspaper informing or complaining about the evils of street begging. Though newspapers cover most of the daily happenings around us, there remain few topics that need to be addressed. We can highlight those topics by reaching out to the editor and writing letters that are worth publishing in the columns of the newspaper. Let’s continue reading the article further to break down the concept of ‘writing to editors’ for you.

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Set 1

Question: We see beggars on the streets almost every day. Write a letter to the editor mentioning the evils of street begging.

Hints: Write about street begging being a very frequent scene- Discuss why it needs to stop – Suggest ways to curb street begging- Your humble request to publish your letter to spread awareness.


260, B Block
Paschim Vihar
New Delhi


10th May, 2021

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi

Subject: Evils of street begging

Respected sir/madam

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw your kind attention towards the poor condition of the people living on the streets.

Street beggars or any homeless person possess a life that would be dreadful for us to even imagine. I believe that every human deserves shelter and proper food to lead a happy and healthy life. We see street beggars regularly around us and their pathetic condition is heartbreaking. Extreme poverty and their necessity to fill their stomach with food bring them to the streets. They spend each of their days in despair as they have no alternative to earn their bread. If proper steps like providing little jobs to them or arranging some food for their family daily are taken, the prevalence of street begging might be curbed up to some extent.

It is my humble request to publish this and put light on the saddening side of the street begging. 

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Yuvika Thakur

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Set 2

Question: ‘The evils of street begging put a maximum effect on the children.’ Write a letter to the editor discussing this point as you have a younger brother at your home.

Hints: Discuss how every child needs love and support even in the absence of parents- Mention that children are the upcoming youth- Discuss the necessity of their education- Suggest education ‘family planning’- Your humble request to publish the piece to spread awareness


37, Lakeview Road
Hyderabad 500078

10th May 2021

The Editor
Telangana Today

Subject: Effects of street begging on the children


 I wish to draw your kind attention to the effects of street begging on the children who are involved in it through the columns of your well-circulated newspaper.

As I have a brother growing beside me, I realise how important it is for a child to have love and support. Children are the next generation of a country and with the rising number of street beggars, we see children of the same poor family growing up to be another beggar. Every child needs education in order to flourish in life. If the act of street begging passes from one generation to another, the future of the country will be doomed. These children on the streets should be spotted by the NGOs and their education should be taken good care of. Also, while a child from the beggar’s family is taken into consideration for education and a good life, proper education about family planning should be provided to the family. 

It is my humble request to publish this and address this issue so that steps can be taken to change the status quo of street begging.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,
Preeti Jha

Set 3

Question: You are Nitya from Mumbai and you want to write to the editor about how you think that street begging has become a business to some people. Write a letter discussing how people try to be spoon-fed by begging on the streets and why this needs to stop.

Hints: Write about how often you see young ones begging in various places- Discuss how it affects others- Write how strongly you oppose this mindset of opportunists – Mention what can be done to put an end to this- your humble request to publish this and create awareness 


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DS Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai- 400008

10th May 2021

The Editor
The Indian Express

Subject: Street begging turning into a business 

Respected sir/madam

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the general public towards the increase in the number of street beggars as people now have started taking this as an easy alternative of earning bread by working. 

Even though street begging is neither prestigious nor easy for a person to do, still some people, who are quite able to take up a job and earn their living, choose to beg instead. These people like to be spoon-fed which means they would rather sit and beg than work hard to earn money. Because of these people, the ones who do not have any other option, as the old ones or disabled ones get overshadowed. According to me, helping a person who is capable enough to earn, is something I do not agree with. 

It is my kind request to publish this in your column and make people aware of whom to help and whom to not.

Thanking you

Yours obediently
Nitya Gupta

Set 4

Question: You are a student residing in Calcutta. Write a letter to the editor of The Telegraph complaining about an issue that you recently witnessed on a local train and why you cannot ignore the terrifying side of the street begging anymore.

Hints: Elaborate on the incident- Specify the ignorance of other passengers – Discuss how traumatised you were – Your humble request to publish this to create awareness about immediate actions that can be taken in situations like these 


336/A Banerjee Para Paschim Putiary
Kolkata- 700041

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26th April 2021

The Editor
The Telegraph

Subject: Incident related to the evils of street begging


Today I am writing to you to draw the public’s attention towards a horrifying truth behind the street begging that I came across, through the columns of your esteemed newspaper.

A few days ago I was travelling on a local train, on my way back home. Amongst the usual vendors and passengers, I spotted a child, begging. I noticed that he asked for money from various passengers and I, like everyone else, contributed a small amount to him as we all felt pity for the child. As the train was almost empty, the child could not collect much money. I saw him heading to the next compartment, to a lady sitting on the floor. Right, when he handed the money to the lady, she slapped the child hard and the child burst into tears. 

We could easily decipher that she hurt the child because he could not collect enough money. Other passengers saw it and remained quiet. I walked up to the lady, took a picture of the child to send to the concerned authorities and called the child helpline number immediately. Street begging has an unignorable connection with human trafficking as well.

Therefore, I kindly request you to publish this for creating awareness about the immediate actions that can be taken against this kind of abuse in the name of begging.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Jyoti Shaw

So, in this article, you learnt how to write a letter to an editor regarding the complaints against the evil of street begging. You have to alter the mentioned situations, your demands and your requests according to what the question will be.

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