Write a Letter to the Editor about the Irregular Supply of Electricity

By | May 29, 2021

An editorial letter is one form of communication used by people who have a strong opinion on public issues are forced to put their views in writing. They give people the chance to have a voice and to bring their opinions to the larger community. There is a whole different way of letter writing, which you use only when submitting an article to the editorial office of a newspaper.

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Example 1

Question: You are Bikash from Kolkata a student of class X. Since last week your locality has been suffering from an irregular supply of electricity. Write a letter to the editor about it and also mention how lives are getting affected.

Hints: Focus on the problem-What are the problems-How it affecting lives-How it affects the lives of students like you-Request the authority for a solution

12 Mandevilla Gardens
Kolkata- 700019

June 5, 2021

The Editor
The Chronicle

Subject: Problem due to frequent breakdown of power supply


On behalf of the residents of this locality, I wish to express my grave concern through the columns of your esteemed daily about the problems we face in regular life due to the frequent breakdown of power supply. 

Power utilization is most inefficient in our locality. It keeps going off daily. The voltage fluctuates between 0 and 10 volts. This has considerably affected the students’ studies, the aged and the patients. With no electricity in one’s house, it is impossible to cook food, or consume water stored for drinking and bathing. To make matters worse, erratic power supply means frequent break-downs of appliances such as refrigerator, TV set etc. This has led to immense hardships for the residents of our society.

I am writing with a strong suggestion to the concerned authorities, to curb the issue of poor power supply in our locality, otherwise, it would be a major setback for student’s development and also will cause a lot of inconvenience to the residents.

Yours sincerely
Bikash Pathak

Example 2

Question: The only transformer in your area is out of order, thus your locality is suffering from an irregular supply of electricity. Write a letter to the editor about the problem and offer your valuable suggestions.

Hints: Transformer out of order- Irregular supply of electricity- Reason behind the problem-Streetlights out of order-Problems faced-Request for a solution

12 Sodepur

July 5, 2021

The Editor
The Hindu

Subject: Transformer is out of order.


Due to the irregular supply of electricity, our locality is under darkness most of the time.

I am writing this letter to express my deep concerns regarding the lack of streetlights and proper electricity supply in our area. 

The residents of this locality are facing frequent hardship due to power cut. There is only one transformer in our locality that supplies electricity for 24 hours. During heavy rains, the transformer stops functioning and there is no electricity for three days. And to add to their troubles, the streetlights are out of order, making it difficult for women to move safely in the dark.

We urge the government to take immediate steps to construct additional transformers to prevent any disturbance in the power supply. Also, we urge the local authorities to restore the electricity along with streetlights as soon as possible so that we can live peacefully.

Yours Sincerely
Medha Sen

Example 3

Question: Power theft in your area contributes to the irregular supply of electricity in your locality. Write a letter to the editor about the burning issue of power theft and irregular supply of electricity.

Hints: Power theft- Irregular supply of electricity-Problems faced-Rise of anti-Social activities-Demand for an immediate solution.

2D Bali

August 5, 2021

The Editor
The Chronicle

Subject: Irregular supply of electricity due to power theft


Through the columns of extreme daily, I would like to express my discontentment about the irregular supply of electricity due to extreme electricity theft in our locality.

Electricity theft and regular power cuts have become a matter of concern for those living in urban areas. The frequent load-shedding and non-functional streetlights have made the residents of this locality live a stressful life. The students find it too difficult to pay concentrate on their studies. We have to step out every day in the dark and go through the narrow lane, making our way very difficult at night. The area in the night turns out to be the den for anti-social. We come under undue risk of accidents as well as possible chain snatches and other crimes.

As members of this community, we should come together and voice our concerns about the seemingly irregular supply of electricity. We would appreciate it if the government could work hard to ensure that the people of this locality continue living in a peaceful environment.

Yours Sincerely
Binay Choudhary

Example 4

Question: You are Vinay Bajaj, a concerned citizen. You have noticed how an irregular supply of electricity has affected the residentials as well as the commercial establishments. Write a letter to the editor about the irregular supply of electricity.

Hints: Locality facing the crisis of electricity-Commercials establishments deeply affected-Productions getting affected-Must attend with the highest urgency

12 Jamshedpur

October 5, 2021

The Editor
The Hindu

Subject: Irregular supply of electricity affecting the commercial establishments


I am writing this letter to bring to your attention the fact that the people of our area are facing a grave crisis as far as electricity is concerned. 

There has been a disruption of supply not only for domestic use but in most cases for commercial establishments as well. We are reaching near the brink of a collapse as far as the power infrastructure is concerned. The current level of production and supply does not match demand. This issue needs immediate, urgent intervention on the part of the power sector regulators, to prevent our economy from collapsing under such an ever-present threat.

The irregular supply of electricity is an issue that affects many or most businesses and must be attended to with the highest urgency. It would be a major setback for economic development.

Yours Sincerely
Vinay Bajaj

You must have understood how to write a letter to the editor when faced with the irregular supply of electricity. There can be many other burning issues that need to be redressed. Mention one such issue in the comment box and we will show you how to write to the editor about that specific problem.

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