Write a Diary Entry about Dussehra


Diary writing is sharing of experience, events, transactions and observations in a highly personalized way. Diary writing is introduced at the school level to nourish the creative and imaginative skill of the student. Thus to help you to score the best we have provided a detailed Diary Entry Format.

Diary Entry Format:

  • Place- Give the name of the exact place from where you are writing the diary.
  • Date– Mention the day, date and time on the top left corner.
  • Content– Make an entry about anything and everything that you like to share with your diary.
  • Signature- Enclose it with your signature at the end.

Below are few samples of writing a diary.

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Set 1

Question-1: You have visited India for the first time and you went to Kolkata for celebrating Dusshera. Write a diary entry about how you celebrated Dusshera.

Hints: First time celebrating Dussehra in Kolkata- What is Dusshera- How it is celebrated- How you celebrated it- Who accompanied you in the celebration- How you felt celebrating Dusshera


October 12, 2021,
Tuesday 7.00 PM.

Dear Diary,

My parents say that the Indian festivities are unmatched in glamour, glory and grandeur. Being in Kolkata for the first time to celebrate Durga Puja I can vouch that my parents didn’t exaggerate while describing Indian festivities. Dussera is an important Hindu festival. As the name suggests Dussera is celebrated on the tenth day of Navaratri to commemorate the victory of good over evil. I can remember while living in England my father had once narrated that on this day Mother Goddess slew the demon called Mahisasur who generated terror in Devalok. Apart from a religious festival for the Hindus, it is also an occasion for homecoming and revitalisation and a traditional celebration of culture and customs.

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On this day all the married woman after performing all the rituals before Maa Durga they indulge themselves in playing with vermillion while decked up in all traditional attires. Keeping all the differences aside everyone come together for the celebration. Sweets are distributed and later in the evening, the idol is taken for immersion via large procession. It is heart-wrenching indeed to see the city bustling in joy and laughter suddenly lose all its allurement.


Set 2

Question-2: Like every year you have visited Delhi to celebrate Dusshera with family. Write a diary entry about how you celebrate Dusshera and also share your experience.

Hints: You missed writing the diary- Explain about Dusshera- How Dusheera is celebrated in your family- Where you celebrated Dusshera- With whom you have celebrated Dusshera-How Dusshera is celebrated- How you enjoyed celebrated Dusshera

October 21, 2021,
Sunday 3.00 PM.

Dear Diary,

I beg your pardon for not coming back to you regularly for the past week. I was busy celebrating Dusshera in Delhi at our native house. According to Hindu mythology on this day Maa Durga saved Devalok from the clutches of the demon Mahisasur. Apart from a religious festival for the Hindus, it is also an occasion for homecoming and revitalisation and a traditional celebration of culture and customs. Every year all our relatives, from all across the globe flew down to Delhi to celebrate Dusshera with the family.

Effigies of Ravana were burnt to celebrate Dusshera. We all headed to Ramlila Maidan to spectate the famous Ramlila musical. Everyone, dressed in their best visited the fairs organised all across the city. Later in the night on Dusshera, we had arranged a family dinner where the main attraction was a sweet prepared by my grandfather. We passed the rest of the night singing, dancing and gossiping among ourselves. There was a sadness in the air as all had to get back to their workplace leaving the dear ones behind and the wait to meet again begins.

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Set 3

Question-3: You were on a trip to South India this year during Dusshera. Make a diary entry about how Dusshera is celebrated in South India.

Hints: You missed writing diary- What is Dusshera- How the people of the south India celebrate Dusshera- Write your experience.

October 24, 2021,
Wednesday 3.00 PM.

Dear Diary,

While I was busy enjoying my trip to South India, I missed you every moment. Now as I am back, I am going to tell you the nitty-gritty of the trip. I want to start by telling you about how Dusshera is celebrated in the southern part of India. You must know that Dusherra is the last day of the Navratri celebration. It is believed that on this day the goddess of power, Maa Durga defeated the evil spirit called Mahisasur and established peace in the abode of gods and goddesses.

On my trip to Karnataka, I noticed the houses are decorated with dolls during Dusshera and people exchanged clothes, coconuts and sweets among themselves. Scenes from Indian mythology were enacted and devotees paid a visit to the temples. The palace of Mysore was beautifully decorated with lights and flowers where a grand procession called “Jamboo Savari” took place. Grand parades of embellished elephant and guards sitting on horseback escort the Goddess through the city. Celebrating Dusshera in South India is a new experience and will be cherished for the rest of my life.


Set 4

Question-4: You belong from a different religion and invited by a Bengali friend to celebrate Dusshera with them. Make a diary entry about how Dusshera is celebrated by them and also share how you felt while celebrating the ceremony with them.

Hints: You are invited by a friend to celebrate Dusshera- What you learnt about Dusshera- How it is celebrated- How you enjoyed celebrating Dusshera with them

October 25, 2021,
Friday 7.00 PM.

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Dear Diary,

I was invited by my Bengali friend Anandi to their place to celebrate Dushera with them this year.  Their house was exquisitely adorned with lights and flowers. The scent of flowers and beats of dhak had created a heavenly atmosphere. The place where the idol was established was also magnificently decorated and a priest assisted by women was busy performing the rituals.

From my friend’s grandmother, I came to know that this day celebrates the victory of good over evil as Maa Durga defeated the sinister Mahisasur and stabilize peace in the abode of gods and goddesses. Later in the evening, everyone dressed in their best traditional attires came down. Women were smearing vermillion on each other. Few were busy celebrating while dancing to the beats of dhak. It is their custom to touch the feet of the elders and I also did the same. Grandma distributed sweets among all of us. I also enjoyed with my friend and their family to the fullest. Their eyes were glistening with tears while the idol was carried for immersion.


My dear readers, I believe you have gone through the above samples thoroughly. Now keeping the format and writing style in mind you can make a diary on any topic of your choice. Writing a diary can be easily learnt but to become a master you need to do daily practice. For any queries or doubts please write it to us. Your feedback helps us to assist better.