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In this lesson today, you will learn how to write short essays on space travel within a recommended word limit in your exam. 

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Short Essay on Space Travel in 100 Words

Space travel is a scientific adventure. It enables people to know more than normal. Space travel is a study of space and the universe. There are lots of things in the universe that we do not know. The astronauts travel to space and give us information about it.

We read in the geography books about space travel. We only know the sun and the moon because we can see them in the sky. But there are many planets, stars, constellations, and galaxies in the universe. Space travelling helps people to learn about them. Today the world has many projects that go to space and bring knowledge of unknown and unseen details of the universe.

Short Essay on Space Travel in 200 Words

Space travel is one kind of scientific adventure. It is the study of the universe and knowing the unknown universe. It has opened many newer concepts about the earth and the Universe that people did not know previously.


Earlier, people thought that the sun moves around the earth. Also, eclipses were thought to be something evil. People did not eat or drink during solar or lunar eclipses. When the moon did not appear in the sky, it was thought that some monster has eaten it up. All these happened because there was no concept of space travel and research.

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Space travel did not begin suddenly. It was a gradual process. At first, a telescope was invented. Using that newer planets and stars were discovered and identified. This helped a lot to the scientists. They noted all details of the universe and its parts. Then as science developed, the idea of space travel came to their minds. But for travelling to space, aircraft was needed. So rockets and aeroplanes were built to go space. Astronauts were appointed to travel to space and learn about it.

The first attempt was made to the moon. Animals like dogs were used to see if life can stay outside the earth. Then humans went to the moon and other planets and observed them. Today research is taking place in space travel that is enabling us to know more about the far sky over us.

Short Essay on Space Travel in 400 Words

Human beings always love travelling and adventures. It is human nature to set out for journeys and learn about unknown things. If we do not travel then we will not understand what lies there on the earth. When this exploration goes out in space, then we call it space travel. There are many things in the universe that we do not know. So space travel helps to learn about these. 

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Earlier people thought that the sun moves around the earth, as they saw the sun rising and setting in the sky. So it was easy to think that the sun moves around the planets. They were scared of eclipses. When solar or lunar eclipses used to take place, they thought that some demon has eaten it up. The life of human beings depended on these faiths, superstitions, and beliefs. All these happened because there was no option to go to space and visualize the truth. 

But this did not continue for longer periods of time. Soon people decided to go against the laws of the priests. They wanted to know by themselves what was the truth behind everything. That marked the beginning of space travel.

Space travel helped them to learn everything anew and realize how their fears were useless. But the journey to space did not happen suddenly. It was very difficult to go to space without any idea. So at first telescope was invented to look at the night sky. Using this device, scientists understood how the sky looks and what are there in the sky. They learned about many planets, stars, the moon, and the sun. Soon they felt the need to go outside the earth and understand everything better.

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Hence science was developed. Humans started studying more about space. Spaceships were invented. At first, animals were sent to space to see if they can live outside the earth. The mission was successful. Soon human beings set out on rockets and learned about the planets and stars. All false ideas were removed by space travel. Today space travel is much easier than in the past. People are now learning more about the universe because of space travel.

Our country India has shown significant development regarding space travel during the last few decades. Our Indian Space Research Organisation, also known as ISRO is now playing the role of a leader internationally. We have sent multiple space missions and many are scheduled for coming years. India has a bright future in the space travel industry. 

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