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In this session, you will know how you can write essays on Save Animals. Here I will write three sets of essays on the same topic covering different word limits concerning the different exam patterns. 

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Short Essay on Save Animals in 100 Words

As part of the ecosystem, all living beings have the right to survive. A force in the world can claim the life of a living creature, be it an animal, bird, or human being. Even mute animals have reasons and purposes to survive. So if they are uselessly harmed then humans have to protest against that. The wildlife must be saved through protection laws and creating specific spaces for them.

Several campaigns like ‘’ save animals’’ are produced often to rescue wildlife from unnecessary hunting, skinning, and selling of animals. Excessive violence towards the animals will lead to the disbalance of the ecosystem. Thus wildlife sanctuaries, bird museums, reserve forests, and zoos are created for the preservation of animals.

Short Essay on Save Animals in 200 Words

As human beings, it is our responsibility to create a safe and secure place for all living beings on earth. We must remember that we share the earth with different parts of the ecosystem. The ecosystem includes flora and fauna; the fauna again has several animals and birds to survive on earth.

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While humans are rational creatures, they also must keep their aggression against animals in check. They must remember one thing for sure- that they share the earth with everyone. Animals and birds are not provided with a more thoughtful system so that they can protect themselves. So often they are victims of hunting and poaching. They are sold at high rates and killed for human benefit.

Killing and selling animals have a huge demand in the local as well as the international markets. The tusks, skins, nails, teeth, and other parts of the animal body are used to manufacture different products for decoration. But while humans enjoy these products, we forget how we are affecting the ecosystem of the earth.

Even the loss of one animal can lead to severe imbalances in the food chain of the world. Thus saving animals is one of the primary duties of all human beings. If we pledge to care for them, then they can find a more secure place on earth. Saving the animals is our biggest virtue.

Short Essay on Save Animals in 400 Words

Nowadays several issues and problems on earth get covered by the media and campaigns. One of the most significant campaigns that often attracts our attention is the ‘’save animals’’ campaign, which is organized in several parts of the world. Now, why is it important to save the animals or what outcome will that bring if we save animals? Let us discuss this in greater detail.

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When the earth was first created several life forms started occupying it. The world was soon populated by ye smallest as well as the largest creatures. While the microscopic organisms survived beyond our notice, huge animals like the dinosaurs and even the most intelligent animals such as humans both survived on earth at different periods of time.

So humans are equipped with the power to rescue all animals on the earth. It is one of the most important duties of humans to look after their fellow beings that they are surrounded. The campaigns conducted for the safety of animals are important which helps to spread awareness regarding them. 

Animal safety is important as they build up our ecosystem and a little imbalance in their quantity can create a great problem in the life cycle of the earth. Often laws are made to deforest several acres of land and also to hunt a specific group of animals for human benefit. Recently a law has been published in Canada to hunt and kill several wolves for making some industries.

Almost immediately several campaigns were organized to protect the rights of the wild animals. Pledges were signed, petitions were written, and campaign walks were organized to save wildlife. So it becomes quite important for humans to consider the safety of the animals as well as themselves.

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Animals are mostly terrified of hunting and poaching. Baby animals are targeted the most. They are hunted and often trapped for selling them to circus companies. Even these cubs are killed for their meat and skin, which have huge demands in the market. The skins, teeth, nails, hooves, tusks, and meat are sold for creating sophisticated things. Also, deforestation is a principal reason for the depletion of animals. 

Hence what is the greatest duty is to reduce human aggression towards animals as they are all parts of the same nature we use. Like our blood relatives, these animals are related to us. So protecting them is our primary job. If animals are saved then we can create great harmony between ourselves and the world. 

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