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In this lesson, you are going to learn how to write short essays on engineers. Here, I will write three different sets of sample essays on the same topic covering different word limits.  So, let’s get started. 

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Short Essay on Engineer in 100 Words

Engineering has been one of the oldest professions in the world. From the time of the Greek architects and also the Indian craftsman, engineering has been a great deal significant in building houses, roads, bridges, and other equipment. In the 21st century, the job of an engineer is very significant, even for our daily activities.

The knowledge required to be an engineer is huge and needs a good grasp of the field f science. Engineers generally work in several departments, like the IT departments, electronics, mechanical, civil, and others. Today the fashion industries also contain engineering activities for artefacts. The earliest specimen of engineering goes back to the Indus Valley civilization as well. Hence for human civilization, this is a significant profession.

Short Essay on Engineer in 200 Words

After completing our studies in school we all have to decide our future course of action. Accordingly, that decides what our future profession will be. Engineering is one of the most popular streams that many students take after their higher secondary. To be an engineer essentially requires a science background student with good knowledge of Maths and Physics. Without this criterion, one is not eligible to sit for the entrance exams and get qualified as a student of engineering in a reputed institution. Thus engineering involves much hard work as the profession itself seems to be promising and beautiful.

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An engineer, once admitted, reads several subjects and is trained in different They get the knowledge of building houses, bridges, roads, multi-storied companies, railways, hospitals, and other important construction. Their knowledge helps humanity grow and prosper. Also, engineers are associated with the national military and civil forces.

Several important rockets, fighter planes, ships, and other military equipment are all made by engineers. They use their sharp brain to create many historical wonders. From the time of the Indus valley civilization till the British colonial rule, their master engineering has left everyone in awe. Truly for them, we can live peacefully under the roof. Engineers are the backbone of our society.

Short Essay on Engineer in 400 Words

Every profession in this world deserves equal respect and dignity we need to pay them. Be it a sweeper sweeping the roads or a doctor saving the life of a critical patient, all jobs in this world are made for humanity. An engineer is one of the most significant professions that enables us to live daily. Even the smallest house is also the thoughts of an engineer.

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Whatever we see daily around us beyond the green nature, all these are products of the engineer’s brain. The concrete houses, mansions, bridges, railways, cars, motors, engines, roads, hospitals, and others are part of the engineer’s thoughts. Without this profession the development of a country is impossible. 

To be an engineer is a tough job. The student who aspires to do so has to go through several trials and stages and then get appointed in that position. Many students from their school life decide to be an engineer and start studying for the entrance exam. It takes a lot to become an engineer. The student aspiring to be an engineer must have a good base of math and physics. After he cracks the entrance exam and gets a good intuition to study further, the student has to now acquire other forms of knowledge.

An engineer can be mechanical, civil, electrical, and others. Even in today’s fashion industries, engineers are highly needed. The student is given both theoretical and practical knowledge of engineering. He is later trusted with the construction of a roof above the human head and also providing them movement. So lack of proper knowledge in them can harm the entire society.

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The contribution of an engineer is important. From ancient times, during the Indus Valley civilization, several artefacts were discovered that show a great deal of minute engineering in those statues. Several art facts, house structures, bath places, monuments, mansions, and drainage systems, all are part of this engineering.

Later on during the Sultanate and the Mughal period several monuments, like the G.T. Road and the Taj Mahal, were built as great pieces of architectural engineering marvels. The British Age also saw some great architectural pieces. Thus engineering in several places and at different time spaces has proved how important it is to human society. A good engineer is a boon for society. A person such as an engineer is thus one of the most respected persons of all. He deserves the greatest dignity and love from the country.

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