Processing Writing of Potato Chips [With PDF]


This lesson will be focused on writing the process of making Potato Chips. In this session, I will be writing two sets of processings of Potato Chips: one in Factories and the second one at home. So, let’s get started.

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Example 1

Question: Study the following points and write a paragraph on how potato chips are made in factories.

Points: Buying raw potatoes from farms – Washing – Peeling and trimming – Selecting and sorting – Slicing – Washing – Blanching – Sulphur dioxide treatment – Drying – Deep frying – Adding salt, spices and flavouring – Packaging – Storing and marketing 

Processing Writing of Potato Chips in Factories

Potato chips are a delicious snack loved by everyone and eaten around the world. They are prepared in factories in the following way. At first, truckloads of raw potatoes are bought from potato farms. Then the potatoes are washed, peeled and trimmed. After that, they are checked, selected and sorted. Potatoes that are rotten, discoloured or defective, are rejected and thrown away at this stage.

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The potatoes which pass the selection process then go through a slicer. The slices are then washed and blanched. After that, they are treated with sulphur dioxide which acts as a preservative and increases the shelf life of the final product. After the treatment, the slices are dried and then deep-fried. Salt, spices and flavouring are then mixed with the chips. Afterwards, they are weighed and packaged. They are then ready to be stored, shipped and marketed. 

Example 2

Question: Study the following points and write a paragraph on how potato chips are made at home.

Points: Buying raw potatoes from the market – Collecting all the necessary ingredients like a large pan, frying oil, salt and seasonings – Washing the potatoes – Peeling and trimming – Checking and selecting – Slicing thinly – Drying – Heating oil – Frying – Adding salt and other seasonings – Serving or storing

Processing Writing of Potato Chips at Home

Potato chips are delicious and are loved by everyone. They are prepared at home in the following way. First, raw potatoes are bought from the market. Then other necessary things like a frying pan, frying oil, salt, black pepper powder and other seasonings are collected.

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After that, the potatoes are peeled and trimmed. Then they are checked and the defective or rotten ones are rejected and thrown away. The rest of the potatoes are then sliced thinly and dried to remove excess moisture from them. Thereafter, they are fried in hot oil until the slices become crisp and golden-brown. Salt and spices are then added and mixed with the chips. They can then be served immediately or stored in an air-tight container for later. 

That was all about our session writing processings of Potato Chips. In today’s session, I have written the processings in quite simple words for a better understanding of all kinds of students. If you still have any doubts regarding today’s session, keep me informed through some quick comments. Keep browsing our website to read more such instances of English Writing comprehension.

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