100+ Flowers Name in English and Hindi [With Picture]


Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts of creation. In this blog, you will learn about different kinds of flowers and their names in Hindi. So, let’s get started.

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1. Rose

Hindi: गुलाब

Description: Roses come in a variety of colours. They grow on rose shrubs or vines and have thorns. Red roses are a symbol of love. 

2. Lotus


Hindi: कमल

Lotus flower

Description: Lotus is an aquatic flower with large leaves. It grows in ponds and lakes. Lotus is the national flower of India. 

3. Marigold 

Hindi: गेंदा

Marigold flower

Description: Marigold is a seasonal plant. Marigold flowers can be yellow, orange, red and maroon in colour.

4. Hibiscus 

Hindi: जपा पुष्प

Hibiscus flower

Description: Hibiscus flowers are large and trumpet-shaped. They usually come in colours like red, white, pink, yellow, orange and purple. They are considered auspicious. 

5. Jasmine

Hindi: चमेली

Jasmine flower

Description: Jasmine flowers are white in colour and have a strong, sweet scent. They are used as an ingredient in candles, soaps, lotions, etc. 

6. Petunia 

Hindi: पेटुनिया/संध्या मालती 

Petunia  flower

Description: Petunia flowers are beautiful and come in a variety of colours. Petunia plants are easy to maintain and grow well in the sun.  

7. Dahlia

Hindi: डहलिया

_Dahlia flower

Description: Dahlia flowers are large and brightly coloured. They come in colours like red, yellow, orange, peach, lavender, white and pink.  

8. Queen of the night

Hindi: ब्रह्म कमल

Queen of the night flower

Description: Queen of the night or Brahma kamal is a night flowering cactus. The flowers of this plant bloom in clusters and are white in colour. 

9. Pansy

Hindi: पैन्सी/बनफूल 

Pansy flower

Description: Pansy is a hybrid flowering plant cultivated as a garden plant. Pansy flowers are velvety and come in a variety of colours like red, white, yellow, gold, orange, purple, etc. 

10. Bougainvillaea 

Hindi: बोगेनविलिया

Bougainvillaea flower

Description: Bougainvillea is a flowering plant belonging to the 4 O’clock family. It produces beautiful, ornamental flowers. These flowers are sometimes called “paper flowers”. 

11. Orchids

Hindi: ऑर्किड

Orchids flower

Description: There are around 30,000 different types of orchids. These flowers can be red, pink, white, blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow. Some of them are fragrant, others are not. 

12. Frangipani

Hindi: गुलचीन/चंपा

Frangipani flower

Description: Frangipani or plumeria flowers are considered sacred in India and Bali. They have a sweet scent and are used as an ingredient in candles, soaps, oils and lotions. 

13. Sunflower 

Hindi: सूर्यमुखी


Description: Sunflowers are annual plants. The flowers of this plant follow the sun as it moves from east to west and thus, they are called sunflowers. These flowers are large and bright yellow in colour. 

14. Arabian Jasmine 

Hindi: मोगरा

Arabian Jasmine flower

Description: Arabian Jasmine is an evergreen shrub. It produces beautiful, white flowers which are very fragrant. The flowers bloom in the evening and close by the next morning. 

15. Tuberose

Hindi: रजनीगंधा

Tuberose flower

Description: Tuberose is an evergreen plant that blooms throughout the year. Tuberose flowers are star-shaped and very fragrant. 

16. Daisy

Hindi: गुलबहार 

Daisy flower

Description: Daisy is a star-shaped flower with a cluster of flat white petals surrounding a yellow centre. It is the international emblem of purity and innocence. 

17. Narcissus 

Hindi: नरगिस

Narcissus flower

Description: Narcissus is the name given to a genus of spring-flowering perennial plants. Narcissus flowers have six petals surmounted by a trumpet-like corona. 

18. Chrysanthemum 

Hindi: गुलदाउदी/चंद्रमल्लिका 

Chrysanthemum flower

Description: Chrysanthemums can be single flowers or double flowers. Single flowers resemble daisies while double flowers look like pom poms. They come in a variety of colours. 

19. Tulip

Hindi: ट्यूलिप

Tulip flower

Description: Tulips are a type of spring-flowering perennial plant. Tulip flowers are large and showy. They come in a variety of colours, usually red, pink, yellow and white. 

20. Magnolia 

Hindi: मैग्नोलिया

Magnolia flower

Description: Magnolias are deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs. They produce large, bowl- or star-shaped, fragrant flowers in colours like white, pink, yellow and purple. 

21. Iris

Hindi: आइरिस 

Iris flower

Description: Iris flowers are very unique. They have three outer hanging petals and three inner upright petals. They usually come in blue and purple colours. 

22. Lilac

Hindi: नीलक/लाइलक

Lilac flower

Description: Lilac flowers are small, four-petaled flowers. They are borne in oval clusters. These flowers are usually pale violet in colour. 

23. Lavender 

Hindi: लैवेंडर

Lavender flower

Description: Lavender plants are small shrubs with grey-green linear leaves and long shoots or spikes. On these spikes, lavender flowers are sparsely arranged. The flowers are lilac in colour. 

24. Oleander 

Hindi: कनेर

Oleander flower

Description: Oleander is also called rosebay. The flowers are borne in large clusters and can be red, pink, yellow or white in colour. They can also be either single or double bloom. 

25. Primrose 

Hindi: बसंती गुलाब

Primrose flower

Description: Primrose is a low-growing, perennial plant. It produces showy and fragrant flowers which are pale yellow to cream-coloured with dark yellow centres. 

flowers name in english and hindi

26. Violet 

Hindi: बनफ़्शा/वायलेट

Violet flower

Description: Violet flowers are usually bilateral. They have five petals among which one is larger and backward projecting. These flowers can be violet, blue, yellow, or white. 

28. Hyacinth 

Hindi: गुलाबी तुरसावा

Hyacinth flower

Description: Hyacinths are extremely fragrant flowers. They are star-shaped and are borne on dense spikes. They can be blue, red, pink, white or yellow in colour. 

29. Anemone

Hindi: ऐनिमोन 

Anemone flower

Description: Anemones are also known as windflowers because the wind blows the flower buds open. They can be found in colours like red, blue, white, pink and purple. 

30. Chamomile 

Hindi: बबूने का फूल

Chamomile flower

Description: Chamomile flowers look like tiny daisies. They have a yellow core surrounded by white petals. They are used in many herbal remedies. 

31. Daffodil 

Hindi: पीला नर्गिस

Daffodil flower

Description: The daffodil is a yellow-coloured spring flower. The flower has six petals surrounding a trumpet-shaped corona. They can also be found in colours like white, pink, and orange. 

32. Water lily 

Hindi: कुमुदिनी

Water lily flower

Description: Water lilies have large, circular, waxy leaves that float on the water. The flowers float on the water surface as well. They can be white, red, pink or yellow in colour. 

33. Rain lily 

Hindi: रेन लिली

Rain lily flower

Description: Rain lilies usually bloom after heavy rainfall. Multiple crocus-like flowers can bloom from a single stem. These flowers are pink, yellow or white in colour. 

34. Gazania 

Hindi: ट्रेज़र फ़्लावर

Gazania flower

Description: Gazania are showy flowers which bloom in bright colours like red, orange, yellow, white and pink. They prefer the sun and close on cloudy days. 

35. Star of Bethlehem 

Hindi: स्टार ऑफ़ बेथलेहम

Star of Bethlehem flower

Description: Star of Bethlehem is a spring-blooming, perennial plant. The flowers are star-shaped and are borne in clusters of 10-20 on flower stems. 

36. Wolf’s bane 

Hindi: एकोनाइटअ

_Wolf's bane flower

Description: Wolf’s bane flowers are hood-shaped and are thus also known as monkshood flowers. They are purple-blue in colour and the plant can be very poisonous. 

37. Floss flower/blue mink

Hindi: ब्लू मिंक

Floss flower

Description: Blue mink is an annual plant which produces small, fluffy flower clusters. These flowers are very fragrant and come in colours like blue, lavender, white and pink. 

38. Lady’s mantle 

Hindi: लेडीज मेंटल

_Lady's mantle flower

Description: Lady’s mantle is a perennial herbaceous plant. It has circular grey-green hairy leaves. The plant produces small green-yellow flowers in spring and summer. 

39. Rosy garlic

Hindi: एलियम

Rosy garlic flower

Description: Rosy garlic or garlic roseum produces clusters of star-shaped flowers on sturdy stalks. These flowers are fragrant and their colour can range from pale to dark pink. 

40. Peruvian lily 

Hindi: पेरुवियन लिली

Peruvian lily flower

Description: Peruvian lilies or lilies of the Incas are perennial plants. They produce clusters of trumpet-shaped, lily-like flowers on upright stems. These flowers are quite fragrant. 

41. Sweet alyssum

Hindi: स्वीट अल्य्ससम

Sweet alyssum flower

Description: Sweet alyssum are small plants that produce clusters of tiny ornamental flowers. These flowers can be white, pink, yellow, salmon or purple. 

42. Prince’s feather 

Hindi: चौलाई

Prince's feather flower

Description: Prince’s feather or Prince of Wales feather is an annual plant belonging to the amaranth family. It bears showy, feathery red flowers on dense spikes. 

43. Hippeastrum

Hindi: हिपीस्टरुम

Hippeastrum flower

Description: Hippeastrum are bulbous, evergreen, perennial plants. They have tall, broad leaves and produce red, purple, salmon, pink, orange, white and yellow flowers. 

44. Summer snapdragon 

Hindi: समर स्नैपड्रगन 

Summer snapdragon flower

Description: Summer snapdragon bears fragrant flowers on spikes. These blooms are showy and can be blue, pink, purple, white or bicolour. 

45. Flamingo flower 

Hindi: फ्लेमिंगो फ्लावर

Flamingo flower

Description: Flamingo flower is native to South America. It produces bright, waxy, heart-shaped, red spathes with yellow spadices. The flowers last for two to three months. 

46. Snapdragon flower

Hindi: स्नैपड्रैगन

snapdragon flower

Description: Snapdragon flowers come in a variety of colours. The flowers are large, tubular and bilaterally symmetrical with a closed lip-like mouth. 

47. Granny’s bonnet 

Hindi: ऐक्विलेजिया वल्गैरिस

Granny's bonnet flower

Description: Granny’s bonnet or columbine is a genus of perennial plants. The flowers of granny’s bonnet have spurred petals and are bonnet-shaped. They come in a variety of colours. 

48. Purple milkweed

Hindi: पर्पल मिल्कवीड 

Purple milkweed flower

Description: Purple milkweed flowers are borne in spherical clusters on the top of upright stalks. These flowers can be pale purple to reddish-purple or dark purple. 

49. Aster

Hindi: तारक पुष्प 

Aster flower

Description: Aster flowers have a yellow, round centre surrounded by clusters of narrow, ray-like petals. They look like stars and are thus named Aster, which means star in Greek. 

50. False goat’s beard

Hindi: फाल्स गोट्स बियर्ड 

False goat's beard flower

Description: False goat’s beard is a perennial wildflower. It produces tall, white feathery plumes. It is grown as an ornamental plant. 

51. Masterwort

Hindi: मास्टरवॉर्ट

Masterwort flower

Description: Masterworts are perennial plants which bloom during the summer season. They have branched heads with small, star-shaped flowers. They come in a variety of colours. 

52. Aubretia

Hindi: ऑब्रेसिआ

Aubretia flower

Description: Aubretia is a low, evergreen, perennial ground cover plant. It blooms in summer and bears violet, blue, pink or white coloured flowers. 

53. Baby’s breath

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Hindi: जिप्सोफिला 

Baby's breath flower

Description: Baby’s breath plant produces clusters of tiny white flowers. These flowers are ornamental and are used in decorations. The flowers are mostly white but some can be yellow or pink. 

54. Bachelor’s button

Hindi: सेन्टायूरीआ सायेनस

Bachelor's button flower

Description: Bachelor’s button flowers are small and showy. They are bright blue in colour and are borne on tall stems. Some varieties can be pink, lavender or white. 

55. Balloon flower

Hindi: प्लैटिकोडन ग्रांडइफ्लोरम

Balloon flower

Description: Balloon flowers have inflated-balloon-like buds which bloom into star-shaped flowers. These flowers are usually pink, blue or white and have a rubbery texture. 

56. Bee balm flower 

Hindi: मोनारद 

Bee balm flower

Description: Bee balm flowers have a daisy-like shape with tubular petals. They can be red, purple, pink or white in colour. They were used by Native Americans to treat ailments. 

57. Begonia

Hindi: बेगोनिया

Begonia flower

Description: Begonias are perennial herbs which produce single and double flowers. The flowers come in a variety of colours like red, white, pink, yellow and orange. 

58. Bellflower 

Hindi: बेलफ्लावर


Description: Bellflowers are ornamental garden flowers which are usually blue in colour. The flowers are bell-shaped and hang upside down in clusters from the stalks. 

59. Bergenia

Hindi: बर्जीनिया 

Bergenia flower

Description: Bergenia produces long spikes which bear tiny, bell-shaped flowers. These flowers can be pink, purple or white and the blooms remain for a few weeks before dying. 

60. Black-eyed Susan

Hindi: रुडबेकिया हिर्टा

Black-eyed Susan flower

Description: Black-eyed Susan, also called coneflowers, is a type of wildflower. The flower head of this flower has a black or brown central cone which is surrounded by yellow petals. 

61. Buttercup

Hindi: नवनीत पुष्प/ जलधनिया

Buttercup flower

Description: Buttercups have a large number of yellow-coloured stamens in the middle. These stamens are surrounded by five (or more) shiny yellow petals and five green sepals. 

62. Bush morning glory

Hindi: सिल्वरबुश

Bush morning glory flower

Description: Bush morning glory or silverbush is an evergreen shrub with hairy leaves. It produces white, funnel-shaped flowers with a yellow centre. 

63. Butterfly bush

Hindi: बटरफ्लाई बुश

Butterfly bush

Description: Butterfly bushes have upright or drooping spikes covered in flowers. These flowers can be white, purple, pink, maroon, blue or yellow. They attract a lot of butterflies. 

64. Bouvardia

Hindi: बौवार्डिया

Bouvardia flower

Description: Bouvardia flowers are trumpet-shaped and have four petals and four stamens. The flowers grow in clusters and are quite fragrant. They come in a variety of colours. 

65. Blue starflower 

Hindi: ब्लू स्टार्स 

Blue starflower

Description: Bluestars is a perennial herbaceous plant. It is a wildflower and grows easily. It produces clusters of light blue coloured, star-shaped flowers in late spring. 

66. Bluebell

Hindi: ब्लूबेल

Bluebell flower

Description: Bluebell produces clusters of violet-blue bell-shaped flowers which droop to one side of the flowering stem. The flowers have a sweet scent. 

67. Bleeding heart

Hindi: रक्तकेतकी

Bleeding heart flower

Description: Bleeding heart is a herbaceous perennial plant that blooms in spring. It produces small heart-shaped flowers which are pink and white in colour. 

68. Blazingstar

Hindi: लियाट्रिस 

Blazingstar flower

Description: Blazing star or gayfeather plant has grass-like leaves and tall spikes that bear clusters of showy flowers. These flowers are usually rose-purple or white in colour. 

69. Blue-eyed grass

Hindi: सिसिरिन्चियम

Blue-eyed grass flower

Description: Blue-eyed grass has grass-like foliage and produces star-shaped flowers. These flowers have six petal-like segments and can be blue, violet, yellow or white in colour. 

70. Blanket flower 

Hindi: गेलार्डिया

Blanket flower 

Description: Blanket flowers are perennial plants which produce daisy-like blooms. The flowers have striking stripes of red, yellow and orange and are quite fragrant. 

71. Calendula 

Hindi: गेंदुक

Calendula flower 

Description: Calendula is a perennial plant with waxy, smooth stems. It is also called pot marigold. It produces bright yellow or orange flowers. It is used in ayurvedic and Unani medicines. 

72. California poppy

Hindi: कैलिफोर्निया पॉपी

California poppy flower

Description: California poppies are annual plants which produce flowers with four petals. These flowers are borne on stems and are usually yellow, orange, cream or white in colour. 

73. Calla lily

Hindi: सर्वज्जय

Calla lily flower

Description: Calla lilies grow from a rhizome. They produce flowers shaped like funnels and in colours like white, red, pink and yellow. The white coloured flowers are very fragrant. 

74. Canna lily

Hindi: केली

Canna lily flower

Description: Canna lilies grow from a rhizome and are perennial. These flowers are asymmetrical and come in bright, striking colours like red, yellow, orange and burgundy. 

75. Candytuft

Hindi: कैन्डीटफ्ट

Candytuft flower

Description: Candytuft is a herbaceous plant belonging to the mustard family. They produce clusters of violet, purple, pink, red or white flowers. They do not have a nice smell. 

76. Giant bellflower 

Hindi: कैम्पैनुला लैटिफ़ोलिया

Giant bellflower

Description: Giant bellflower is also known as the large bellflower or wide-leaved bellflower. It is a perennial plant which produces large, blue-coloured bell-shaped flowers. 

77. Cape primrose

Hindi: केप प्रिमरोज़

Cape primrose flower

Description: Cape primrose is an evergreen, perennial plant with small, velvety leaves. It produces flowers in brilliant colours like purple, pink, red and white. 

78. Cardinal flower

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Hindi: लोबेलिया कार्डिनैलिस

Cardinal flower

Description: Cardinal flower is a herbaceous perennial plant with bright, showy flowers. It produces tall stalks which bear clusters of scarlet-coloured tubular flowers. 

79. Carnation 

Hindi: कारनेशन

Carnation flower

Description: Carnation flowers have a double layer of petals which are crinkled at the edges. This makes the flowers look frilly. These flowers have a spicy fragrance and come in a variety of colours. 

80. Wool flower

Hindi: वूल फ्लावर

Wool flower

Description: Wool flowers are a part of the amaranth family. They produce dense flower spikes in colours like red, pink, yellow, purple and orange. 

81. Clarkia

Hindi: क्लारकिआ

Clarkia flower

Description: Clarkia is a type of wildflower that comes in a variety of colours. Clarkia flowers are cup-shaped and have four petals. They bloom from late spring to mid-summer. 

82. Clematis

Hindi: मूर्वा/मरोड़फली

Clematis flower

Description: Clematis flowers are usually large with six to seven petals but they can also be found in smaller sizes and different shapes. They come in colours like red, purple, lavender and yellow. 

83. Clover

Hindi: क्लोवर

Clover flower

Description: Clovers produce tiny flowers which are clustered to form a dense, spherical head. These flowers can be red, white, purple or yellow in colour. 

84. Cockscomb

Hindi: लाल मुर्गा 

Cockscomb flower

Description: Cockscomb produces dense flowers which look like the combs in the heads of roosters. These flowers can be red, yellow, orange or purple in colour. 

85. Coneflower 

Hindi: कोनफ्लावर


Description: Coneflowers are herbaceous plants belonging to the daisy family. They produce composite flowers with a yellow-brown disc in the centre. They come in a variety of colours. 

86. Coral bells

Hindi: हेउचेरा

Coral bells flower

Description: Coral bells are bushy plants. They produce spikes covered in clusters of tiny bell-shaped flowers. These flowers are usually coral-coloured but can also be red, pink or white. 

87. Coreopsis

Hindi: स्वर्णगुच्छ

Coreopsis flower

Description: Coreopsis is a wildflower with lacy foliage. Coreopsis flowers look like daisies. They come in colours like bright golden, red, pink, yellow and orange. 

88. Cosmos

Hindi: कॉसमॉस

Cosmos flower

Description: Cosmos is a flowering plant belonging to the sunflower family. The flowers are daisy-like and come in a variety of colours like red, orange, yellow, white, pink and maroon. 

89. Cotoneaster 

Hindi: कोटोनिएस्टर 

Cotoneaster flower

Description: Cotoneasters are evergreen plants which produce small, milky-white flowers. These flowers have five petals and sepals and grow in clusters. 

90. Hardy geranium 

Hindi: जेरेनियम बोहेमिकम 

Hardy geranium flower

Description: Hardy geraniums are perennial plants. They produce cup-shaped, frilly flowers. The flowers come in colours like red, pink, purple, blue, white and burgundy. 

91. Creeping phlox

Hindi: पटुआ/फ्लॉक्स 

Creeping phlox flower

Description: Creeping phlox is a low-growing ground cover plant. It produces clusters of fragrant five-petaled flowers from late spring to summer. These flowers come in pink, white or purple colour. 

92. Crocus

Hindi: क्रोकस

Crocus flower

Description: Crocus is a seasonal flowering plant. Crocus produces small flowers in bright colours like purple, yellow and white. These flowers have a sweet scent. 

93. Crown imperial

Hindi: फ्रिटिलारिया इम्पीरियल

Crown imperial flower

Description: Crown imperial plant produces tall stalks topped with small leaves and bell-shaped flowers hanging around it. These flowers are usually red, yellow or orange in colour.

94. Crocosmia

Hindi: क्रोकोसिया

Crocosmia flower

Description: Crocosmia or copper tips produce wands of extremely showy, tubular flowers. These flowers are yellow, orange, red or scarlet in colour. 

95. Cuckoo flower 

Hindi: लेडीस्मौक का पौधा

Cuckoo flower

Description: Cuckoo flower, also known as mayflower or lady’s smock flower, produces an upright stem which bears small, pale pink or mauve flowers. These flowers have four petals. 

96. Cyclamen 

Hindi: सिक्लेमेन

Cyclamen flower

Description: Cyclamen is a herbaceous perennial plant. The leaves of this plant are heart-shaped and the flowers are large, fragrant and showy. They are usually white, pink or red. 

97. Daphne

Hindi: डाफ्ने फूल

Daphne flower

Description: Daphne is a flowering shrub. It has evergreen leaves and produces clusters of tiny but extremely fragrant purple-pink flowers. The flowers bloom in late winter and early spring. 

98. Day lily

Hindi: डे लिली

Day lily flower

Description: Daylilies have fleshy roots and narrow leaves. They produce long-stalked clusters of funnel-shaped flowers in colours like yellow, red and pink. 

99. Delphinium 

Hindi: डेल्फीनियम फूल

Delphinium flower

Description: Delphinium flowers come in a variety of colours including red, blue, pink, purple and yellow. The flowers are borne on tall, showy spikes and are quite fragrant. 

100. Desert rose

Hindi: अडेनियम/ रेगिस्तानी गुलाब 

Desert rose flower

Description: Desert rose is a succulent plant. It produces twisted grey-green branches with a few leaves. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and come in colours like red, pink, purple and white. 


So, hopefully, after going through this blog, you have learned about a lot of flowers and their names in Hindi. If you have any doubts about this session, let me know through the comment section below. I’ll try to address your query as soon as possible. 

Thank you for being with us. Have a nice day.