100 Colours Name in English and Hindi [With Picture]


In today’s session, you will learn about various colours available in our world and their name in Hindi. So, without delay, let’s get started.

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Colours name in english

100 Colours Name in English and Hindi with Short Description

1. Red

Hindi: लाल


Description: Red is one of the primary colours. Red signifies love, passion, desire, anger, danger, strength and determination. 

2. Yellow


Hindi: पीला


Description: Yellow is the colour of happiness, creativity and optimism. Egg yolks, bananas, lemons, butter, our sun, and daffodil flowers are all yellow in colour. 

3. Blue

Hindi: नीला


Description: Blue is a primary colour. The sky, the oceans, blueberries, and bluebell flowers are all blue-coloured. 

4. Green

Hindi: हरा


Description: Green is a primary colour. Grass, leaves, green bell peppers, cucumbers and spinach are green in colour. 

5. Orange

Hindi: नारंगी रंग

orange colour

Description: Orange is a bright, strong and energetic colour. Oranges, mandarins, pumpkins, papayas, carrots and monarch butterflies are orange in colour. 

6. Violet 

Hindi: बैंगनी

violet colour

Description: Violet colour symbolises royalty, spirituality, enlightenment, wisdom and mystery. Amethyst, eggplants, onions, and violet flowers are violet-coloured. 

7. Indigo

Hindi: नील

Indigo colour

Description: Indigo is a dark purplish blue. It is also the name and colour of the dye extracted from indigo plants. 

8. White

Hindi: सफ़ेद

white colour (1)

Description: White symbolises purity and simplicity. White is the colour of milk, chalk, fresh snow, dandelions and white roses. 

9. Black

Hindi: काला

black colour

Description: Black is an achromatic colour. It symbolises evil, sadness, grief, death and mourning. Some examples of black-coloured objects are black hair, coal and crows. 

10. Brown

Hindi: भूरा

brown colour

Description: Brown is the colour of the earth. Earth, sand, tree barks, chocolate, mushrooms and brown leaves are brown coloured. 

11. Pink

Hindi: गुलाबी

Pink colour

Description: Pink is a colour associated with kindness, love and femininity. Cherry blossoms, pink lotuses, pink carnations, and watermelons are pink in colour. 

12. Silver

Hindi: चाँदी

Silver colour

Description: Silver is a colour which symbolises power, wealth and success. Metals like silver, aluminium, tin, steel and platinum are silver in colour. 

13. Grey

Hindi: स्लेटी

grey colour

Description: Grey is a colour that represents neutrality and balance. It can also symbolise sadness, depression and loss. Storm clouds are grey in colour. 

14. Gold

Hindi: सुवर्ण

gold colour

Description: Gold is the colour of the precious metal called gold or aurum. It symbolises wealth, prosperity and glamour. Goldenrod flowers are golden in colour. 

15. Ivory

Hindi: आइवरी/हाथी के दांत का रंग 

Ivory colour

Description: Ivory is an off-white colour. It is a common shade of white used in interior decoration. 

16. Khaki

Hindi: खाकी रंग

Khaki colour

Description: Khaki is a light, yellowish-brown colour. It is pretty neutral. It was once the colour of US military uniforms. 

17. Purple 

Hindi: जामुनी/बैंगनी

Purple colour

Description: Purple is a colour which symbolises royalty, ambition, wisdom and power. Violet flowers, lavender flowers and eggplants are purple in colour. 

18. Lavender 

Hindi: लैवेंडर

lavender colour

Description: Lavender is a light, pinkish-purple colour. The colour symbolises love, purity, healing and devotion. 

19. Mauve 

Hindi: मौवे

Mauve colour

Description: Mauve is a pale, bluish-purple colour. It represents youth, decadence and femininity. Amethyst, onions and some flowers are mauve in colour. 

20. Cyan

Hindi: सियान

Cyan colour

Description: Cyan is a bright and lively greenish-blue colour. It is associated with youth, liveliness and energy. The planet Uranus is cyan in colour. 

21. Teal

Hindi: चैती रंग/ टील

Teal colour

Description: Teal is deep bluish-green colour. Teal symbolises the infinity of the sea and the sky for Tibetan monks. 

22. Turquoise 

Hindi: फ़िरोज़ा

Turquoise colour

Description: Turquoise is a blend of pale blue, green and a tiny bit of yellow. It is a calming colour which brings tranquillity. 

23. Bronze

Hindi: कांस्य रंग

Bronze colour

Description: Bronze is a metallic brown colour. Many sculptures, metals and items made of bronze are bronze-coloured. 

24. Cream

Hindi: क्रीम रंग

Cream colour

Description: Cream is a pale yellowish-white colour. Dairy products are often cream-coloured. Peruvian lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums are cream-coloured. 

25. Tan

Hindi: टैन

tan colour

Description: The colour tan is a pale shade of brown. The word tan is derived from ‘tannum’ which is another name for oak bark. 

26. Peach

Hindi: पीच/आड़ू का रंग 

Peach colour

Description: Peach is a pale pink-orange colour. Peach is a beloved colour and is used extensively in the fashion and decor industries. 

27. Mustard 

Hindi: सरसों का रंग

Mustard colour

Description: Mustard is dark yellow in colour. It symbolises creativity and diversity. The colour mustard is often used in the fashion and decor industries. 

28. Plum

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Hindi: बेर का रंग

Plum colour

Description: Plum is a shade of purple with a brownish-grey or reddish tinge. Plum is a feminine colour and symbolises romance. 

29. Burgundy 

Hindi: बरगंडी

Burgundy colour

Description: Burgundy is a dark reddish-brown colour with violet tones. It is inspired by the colour of wine produced in the Burgundy region of France. 

30. Charcoal 

Hindi: चारकोल रंग

Charcoal colour

Description: Charcoal is a very dark grey colour. It is the colour associated with coal. Charcoal pencils are often used in art. 

31. Burnt Sienna 

Hindi: गहरा भूरा रंग

Burnt Sienna colour

Description: Burnt Sienna is a dark reddish-brown colour. Sienna is a naturally occurring yellow-brown pigment. When heated (burnt), it changes colour to reddish-brown. 

32. Amber

Hindi: एम्बर

Amber colour

Description: Amber is a warm yellow-orange shade with golden undertones. The colour name is derived from the material amber which is fossilized resin from evergreen trees. 

33. Lime

Hindi: नींबू का रंग

Lime colour

Description: Lime is a yellow-green colour. It is the colour of the lime fruit. It is a warm colour. The colour represents vitality, freshness, liveliness and imagination. 

34. Olive 

Hindi: जैतून का रंग

Olive colour

Description: Olive is a dark yellowish-green colour. It is the colour of green olive fruits. It often represents peace, harmony and sophistication. 

35. Maroon 

Hindi: मैरून रंग

Maroon colour

Description: Maroon is a dark brownish-red colour. It is a popular fall and winter colour. Some roses and dahlias are maroon in colour. 

36. Fuchsia 

Hindi: फ्यूशिया

Fuchsia colour

Description: Fuchsia is a purplish-red colour. It derives its name from a purplish-red flower called fuchsia. It is a cheerful, playful and uplifting colour. 

37. Navy Blue

Hindi: गहरा नीला

Navy Blue colour

Description: Navy blue is a very dark shade of blue. It is the colour of the uniforms used by the British royal navy. Navy blue is a neutral colour. 

38. Royal Blue

Hindi: शाही नीला

Royal Blue colour

Description: Royal blue is a deep, vivid blue. This colour is associated with the British royal family. It denotes authority, trust and confidence. 

39. Aqua

Hindi: एक्वा रंग

Aqua colour

Description: Aqua is a blue-green colour. It is a variation of cyan. In Latin, aqua means water and the colour is named for the colour of the water. 

40. Beige

Hindi: बेज 

Beige colour

Description: Beige is a pale, sandy fawn colour. In French, the word beige means natural, unbleached wool. Thus, beige is also the colour of natural wool. 

41. Bisque 

Hindi: बिस्क रंग

Bisque colour

Description: Bisque is a pale pastel pinkish-brown shade. The colour is often used in the fashion and decor industries. 

42. Cadet Blue

Hindi: कैडेट नीला 

Cadet Blue colour

Description: Cadet blue is a light bluish-green colour. It is a shade of the colour cyan. Cadet blue is a shade of blue associated with the military.

43. Crimson

Hindi: गहरा लाल

Crimson colour

Description: Crimson is a deep shade of red with some hints of purple. Originally, crimson meant the colour of kermes dye which was a dye produced from a scale insect. 

44. Coral

Hindi: कोरल

Coral colour

Description: Coral is an orangish shade of pink. The colour is named after the orange-pink marine invertebrates. This shade is extensively used in the makeup industry. 

45. Chocolate 

Hindi: चॉकलेट

Chocolate colour

Description: The colour chocolate is a dark shade of brown. It is the colour of chocolate. Many dogs are chocolate-coloured. 

46. Magenta 

Hindi: मैजेंटा 

Magenta colour

Description: Magenta is a reddish-purple or purplish-red colour. Cerise queen flowers, Peruvian lilies and some snapdragon flowers are magentas in colour. 

47. Slate Grey

Hindi: स्लेट ग्रे रंग

Slate Grey colour

Description: Slate grey is a grey colour with a slight tinge of blue. It represents the average colour of a material called slate. It is a neutral colour. 

48. Slate Blue

Hindi: स्लेट नीला रंग

Slate Blue colour

Description: Slate blue is a dark greyish-blue colour. This colour is gentle and serene and offers a sense of tranquillity. It is often used in interior decoration. 

49. Sea Green

Hindi: समुद्री हरा रंग 

Sea Green colour

Description: Sea green is a strong yellowish-green colour. It is named after the greenish colour of shallow seawater. 

50. Hot Pink

Hindi: हॉटपिंक रंग

Hot Pink colour

Description: Hot pink is a vibrant, youthful and electric shade of pink. It is a warm, playful colour. One can often find beautiful dresses and jackets in this colour. 

51. Salmon

Hindi: सैमन

Salmon colour

Description: Salmon is a pinkish-orange colour. It is the colour of the flesh of salmon. This pretty colour represents hope, health and happiness. 

52. Sky Blue 

Hindi: आसमानी नीला 

Sky Blue colour

Description: Sky blue is a light to pale blue colour. It is the colour of the sky on a cloudless, sunny day. Sky blue colour symbolises peace, serenity and infinity. 

53. Honeydew

Hindi: हनीड्यू रंग

Honeydew colour

Description: Honeydew is a greenish-white colour. It is a pastel colour inspired by the greenish-white flesh of honeydew melons. 

54. Azure

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Hindi: नीला 

Azure colour

Description: Azure is a colour that is halfway between blue and cyan. It is similar to the colour sky blue.

55. Alice Blue

Hindi: ऐलिस ब्लू

Alice Blue colour

Description: Alice blue is a pale shade of azure. The shade was favoured by Alice Roosevelt Longworth (the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt) and she made it popular.

56. Cornflower Blue

Hindi: कॉर्नफ्लावर ब्लू रंग 

Cornflower Blue colour

Description: Cornflower blue is a medium blue with a hint of green. It is named after the colour of the flowers of the cornflower plant.

57. Cornsilk

Hindi: कॉर्नसिल्क रंग

Cornsilk colour

Description: Cornsilk is a pale yellow colour. It is similar to off-white and beige. It is the colour of the silky fibres that grow as part of the ears of corn.

58. Chartreuse

Hindi: हल्का हरे सेब-सा रंग/षाट्रेज़

Chartreuse colour

Description: Chartreuse is a bright yellow-green or acidic green colour. The colour is named after a French liqueur of the same colour. 

59. Forest Green

Hindi: फॉरेस्ट ग्रीन कलर 

Forest Green colour

Description: Forest green is a very dark green colour.  It is the colour of trees and other plants in a dense forest. 

60. Sage Green

Hindi: भूरा – हरा रंग

Sage Green colour

Description: Sage green is a pale, earthy, greyish-green colour. It is a muted shade of green. Sage green is the colour of the leaves of the sage plant. 

61. Emerald 

Hindi: पन्ना का रंग

Emerald colour

Description: Emerald is a bright, vivid shade of green. It symbolises abundance, prosperity and growth. It is a regal colour. 

62. Moss Green

Hindi: हरी काई का रंग

Moss Green colour

Description: Moss green is a dark green colour with a tint of yellow. It is the colour of moss. This shade of green is often used in interior decoration to warm up a cool room. 

63. Mint Green

Hindi: मिंट ग्रीन कलर

Mint Green colour

Description: Mint green is a blend of blue, green and white. It is a bright and cheerful colour. Mint green is used extensively in the fashion and decor industries. 

64. Wine

Hindi: वाइन

Wine colour

Description: Wine is a dark shade of red. It represents the colour of red wine. Many varieties of flowers can be found in wine red colour. 

65. Garnet

Hindi: रक्‍तमणि का रंग

_Garnet colour

Description: Garnet is a dark reddish-brown colour with hints of purple. It is the colour of red garnet gemstones. 

66. Cherry Red 

Hindi: चेरी – जैसा लाल

Cherry Red colour

Description: Cherry red is a deep, bright red colour. It is the colour of ripe cherries. It is a colour that is often used in the fashion and makeup industry. 

67. Scarlet 

Hindi: स्कारलेट 

Description: Scarlet is a bright red colour with hints of orange. In Christianity, the colour represents the blood of Christ and Christian martyrs. 

68. Brick Red

Hindi: ईंट जैसा लाल

Description: Brick red is a brownish-red colour. It represents the colour of baked bricks. The colour is associated with action, energy, passion and danger. 

69. Mahogany 

Hindi: महोगनी 

Description: Mahogany is a reddish-brown colour. It represents the colour of mahogany wood. It has warm and cool tones. 

70. Blood Red 

Hindi: रक्त जैसा लाल

Description: Blood red is a dark brownish-red colour. It represents the colour of human blood. The colour is extensively used in the fashion and makeup industries. 

71. Sapphire

Hindi: नीलमणि सा नीला 

Description: Sapphire is a saturated shade of the colour blue. It is the colour of blue sapphire gemstones. Sapphire sits between blue and cerulean on the colour wheel. 

72. Cobalt Blue

Hindi: कोबाल्ट ब्लू

Description: Cobalt blue is a medium blue colour. It sits between navy blue and sky blue. When cobalt is mixed with aluminium oxide, it produces this shade of blue. 

73. Peacock Blue

Hindi: मोरपंखी नीला रंग

Description: Peacock blue is a greenish-blue colour. The shade resembles the colour of a peacock’s neck. 

74. Denim Blue

Hindi: डेनिम नीला

Description: Denim blue is a medium-dark shade of blue. It gets its name from denim fabric which is used to make jeans. Denim fabrics are usually dyed in this shade of blue. 

75. Mellow Yellow

Hindi: हल्का पीला

Mellow Yellow colour

Description: Mellow yellow is a pale yellow colour. It radiates warmth and joy. The colour is often used in interior decoration. 

76. Canary Yellow

Hindi: कैनरी पीला

Canary Yellow colour

Description: Canary yellow is a vibrant and bright shade of yellow. It is the colour of the canary bird. It symbolises good luck, positivity and affluence. 

77. Chrome Yellow

Hindi: क्रोम पीला

Chrome Yellow colour

Description: Chrome yellow is a yellow pigment used in paints. The pigment is synthesised in the laboratory using the elements lead and chromium. 

78. Lemon Yellow 

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Hindi: पीले नींबू का रंग

Lemon Yellow colour

Description: Lemon yellow is a bright, greenish-yellow colour. The shades of lemon yellow can range from creamy to fluorescent hues. 

79. Sepia

Hindi: सीपिया रंग

Sepia colour

Description: Sepia is a mix of black and brown with a hint of red. This pigment is derived from sepia cuttlefish, hence the name. It is used in photography. 

80. Caramel 

Hindi: कारमेल रंग

Description: Caramel is a golden brown colour. It belongs to the brown colour family. It represents the colour caramel. 

81. Carrot

Hindi: गाजर का रंग

Description: Carrot is a reddish-orange colour. Carrots get their orange colour from the pigments called carotenoids present in them. 

82. Apricot 

Hindi: खुबानी रंग

Apricot colour

Description: Apricot is an orange-yellow colour. It represents the colour of ripe apricots. It is a warm colour and gives rise to positive emotions. 

83. Tangerine 

Hindi: कीनू – जैसा रंग

Tangerine colour

Description: Tangerine is a saturated shade of orange. It is a warm and sunny colour. It represents the colour of tangerine fruit. 

84. Rust

Hindi: जंग का रंग

Rust colour

Description: Rust is an orange-brown colour. It represents the colour of iron oxide. This colour is widely used in the fashion and makeup industries. 

85. Honey 

Hindi: शहद का रंग

Honey colour

Description: Honey is a medium-dark shade of yellow. It represents the colour of golden honey. It is a warm colour. 

86. Lilac

Hindi: बकाइन रंग

Description: Lilac is a pale shade of violet. It represents the colour of lilac flowers. The colour symbolises love. 

87. Grape 

Hindi: अंगूर का रंग

Grape colour

Description: Grape is a muted, amethyst purple colour. It is the colour of purple grapes. The colour is widely used in interior decoration. 

88. Bubblegum Pink

Hindi: बबलगम गुलाबी रंग

Bubblegum Pink colour

Description: Bubblegum pink is a light shade of pink-red. It is a beloved colour and is often used in the fashion and makeup industries. 

89. Strawberry Pink

Hindi: स्ट्रॉबेरी गुलाबी रंग

Strawberry Pink colour

Description: Strawberry pink is a medium shade of pink. It is a pretty shade. Most strawberry candies come in this shade of pink. 

90. Rose

Hindi: गुलाबी रंग

Rose colour

Description: Rose is a pinkish shade of red. It is closer to red than pink. It represents the colour of pink-red roses and symbolises femininity, elegance and sweetness. 

91. Rosewood

Hindi: शीशम का रंग

Description: Rosewood is a reddish or purplish-brown colour. It is the colour of rosewood which is exotic wood. 

92. Blush

Hindi: ब्लश रंग

Blush colour

Description: Blush is a medium bright tone of red-violet or pink. It is a soft shade. Roses, peonies and many other flowers come in this shade. 

93. Basil Green 

Hindi: तुलसी – जैसा हरा रंग

Description: Basil green is a blend of yellow and green. It is a warm colour. It represents the colour of basil leaves. 

94. Parakeet Green

Hindi: तोते – जैसा हरा रंग

Description: Parakeet green is a yellow-green colour. It resembles the colour of parakeets. It is used a lot in interior decoration. 

95. Shamrock Green

Hindi: शैमरॉक ग्रीन

Description: Shamrock green is also known as Irish green. It is a medium-dark shade of cyan-green. This colour appears on the flag of Ireland. 

96. Sangria 

Hindi: संगरिया रंग

Sangria colour

Description: Sangria is a dark, slightly purplish-red colour. It is also known as burnt red. This shade of red is named after sangria wine. 

97. Merlot

Hindi: मर्लोट रंग

Merlot colour

Description: Merlot is a deep pink-red colour. It is the colour of merlot wine. Merlot is an elegant colour usually associated with wealth and social status. 

98. Ruby Red 

Hindi: माणिक लाल रंग

Ruby Red colour

Description: Ruby red is a dark pinkish-red colour. It represents the colour of red ruby gemstones. This shade is often used in the fashion and makeup industry. 

99. Vermillion 

Hindi: सिंदूर का रंग

Vermillion colour

Description: Vermillion is a vivid orange-red colour. It symbolises the colour of blood and thus, of life. Vermillion pigment was originally made from mercury sulphide. 

100. Marmalade 

Hindi: मार्मलेड कलर 

Description: Marmalade is a blend of orange and brown. It represents the colour of marmalade. The colour belongs to the brown colour family. 

12 Colours Name List in English

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
  4. Green
  5. Orange
  6. Violet
  7. Indigo
  8. White
  9. Black
  10. Brown
  11. Pink
  12. Purple

7 (Seven) Colours of the Rainbow

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet


So, hopefully, after going through this blog, you have learned about a lot of colours and their names in Hindi. If you have any complaints or doubts about this session, let me know through the comment section below. I’ll try to address your query as soon as possible. 

Thank you for being with us. Have a nice day.