Autobiography of River [PDF]


Hello readers, today in this autobiography presentation we are going to cover an autobiography of a river.

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My untimely journey.

I am named water. I originate from an ambiguous place among the mountains and fall vigorously through the gigantic rocks, a waterfall, under strong currents that push me haphazardly and it never makes me dizzy.

I travel through the mysterious corners of nature and the huge mountains that make my path not easy but I still push along. I progress from the steep current downwards and onto the plains.


As I move along singing my own melodies I come across rocks and dirt and the unseen scree that camouflages through and giggles when I miss brushing it along with me. I like to hear the little stones giggle as I sway them along in my leisurely jaunt.

I am flexible enough to pass through any obstacle that comes my way, I escape through the smallest of the passages and I take pride in that. As I pass, sometimes under slow currents and sometimes through the rough times I rejoice when life throws at me a rollercoaster ride.

I blink twice through the adversities that I come across but when a human touches me as I pass along various villages and towns, I cross along happily retaining his memory.

I always remember. I remember when a little girl dipped her feet in my floating body and hummed a lullaby, I remember when a man sat by my bank sighing for his lost wife narrating stories of their love to me and how happy he was to share it with me.

I consider myself a listener. I listen to their stories and count them as blessings as I meet not just animate things but the inanimate too. I appreciate the hardships of these humans and begin to think of similarities between me and them. One might laugh at my stupidity but by the end of the day it all turns out to be true.

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I look around my surroundings and find myself appreciating the little details of life. The green pastures I come across, the wide-open sky that breathes life into me, the scree I wash over and the memories I create with the beautiful beings.

A combination of several streams I observe my course welcoming me with open arms as it widens. The beauty around me mesmerizes as I tread along slowly. The settlements, the people, the lively scenes I come across, all are a delight to watch.

I know they consider me pure, I am holy. I drive freshwater and feed the traveler, a farmer or a household. My course throws at me various challenges.

From the upper plains, I change my course to the lower plains. The soil here is so fertile, I rejoice that I am useful to those in need. It is my water that brings happiness and that’s my ultimate bliss.

As I think about my path I don’t get stuck on the little delicacies, I aim for what lies ahead. Leaving behind the beautiful settlements and its people on the banks I drift further.

As I flow through the different courses I come across various scenarios. Sometimes, I listen for the fluttering of the wings of the butterflies, or the honeybees sucking nectar from the flowers. The little sweet giggles and the cries I hear now and then. I think of myself as an admirer of the beauties around me.

The droplets of water I leave behind on the tip of the leaves and the beautiful waves I create, the ripples that speak volumes of my playful nature. I sometimes lay calm and other times I am ruthless.

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I breathe oxygen and lie on the fields for the welfare of me and the pretty humans. Forming a listicle of my uses is what entertains me. I like to find excuses to help. I am created that way.

I find people struggling to cross paths to reach from one end of the banks to the other and that’s when I begin my play. My water being at its minimal, I wash at their feet and tickle them for fun. People carry goods to and fro and use me for trade and commerce.

I always wondered if that’s smart but then I found bridges being made and dams being constructed if I went too far. The trick was to keep me down and in line but it never worked in the best of my interest. I am more of a free bird. I see my surroundings as open and always let these silly humans work for themselves and try to tame me.

When I begin to think of my uses besides when woman use the water for household chores and the for drinking the freshwater, the washing purposes, for passing along for their own good, the trade, and many other things, I can’t ignore my fury during the monsoon seasons when I overflow and can’t contain myself anymore. I also find these intelligent beings drawing my water for generating electricity.

Electricity is a huge boon that I really can’t stop admiring. It just makes me smile that I can be used in different ways and for many different purposes. The most important thing to me is the beauty I come across. The beautiful trees that bend down to touch the current.

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The sweet sweet debris that I carry along and that makes me heavy as I turn and wander here and there. The little birds chirping and the animals that bathe in the water. They play along and look for the creatures I inhabit. The various aquatic animals, fishes, and the seaweeds that float and run around in the depths of my waters.

I consider myself growing each day as I travel for years long and cross through the happiness and hurt and the joys and laughter. I hear the myths and the fables the villagers concoct about me and how i giggle at them for they all turn out to be really interesting. I memorize stories, the names of each plant I touch, the feeling of a flesh that touches me, I memorize it all.

I only tread for the last phase of my destination. I get all excited and jump heights and plains to touch and dissolve with the sea waters. I eagerly wait for the wilderness of the sea to consume and make me realize my true nature, my true purpose.

Here, I consider myself of service to humankind and fulfill my destiny by merging with the openness of the waters and finally lay still in the huge space. My jaunt finally comes to an end and I can breathe vows of silence and smile to myself under the brightened sun and the shadow of the moon.

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