Autobiography of a School Desk [PDF]


In my school days, I never changed my School Desk. are you? hope no, let’s see what my school desk think about me, today in this autobiography presentation we are going to cover a topic on a school desk, so let’s dive in!

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I am scrubbed and cleaned with soap, but the marks and my scars do not go away. Some are written with blue ballpoint pens, stating a person’s name who was here and sat using me, while others as pictures and doodles around all over myself.

The kind ladies and men come every evening to help me get rid of these marks but they seem to be of no use against the strong power of a ballpoint ink pen.

On the other hand, there are some who write on me using a permanent marker, and it wipes off easily. They fail to realize that the marker only stays on to permanent and works on certain surfaces, not on all of them.


Every morning, all the students enter and go sit in their self-allotted places. I stand still as they move about their class, talking to their friends and other classmates. Some of them reach school and realize that they have to submit their homework within a few minutes.

They beg for assistance and sit down, placing their notebooks and stationery on top of me for support and stability while they hurry up to finish their assignments before the submission time arrives.

Some of them who are already done with the work or do not care enough to do it, come and sit on top while talking and catching up with their friends about current and past events.

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And most days, right before the class teachers show up, they shift me around from my assigned place to other places, nearby other desks, and chairs so that they can sit with their best friends or partners in class.

Once class starts off, usually I am stationary and don’t move from my location. But then there is the occasional student who likes to shake their legs and that makes shake with them as well. At times there are students who stick their chewing gums on me and it is a disgusting habit as it takes a lot of time to take it off me and I hate the sensation as it makes me feel sticky as well.

Then there are also some special ones who feel hungry throughout the day, so they hide their lunches and snacks in my pocket, also known as my belly. And throughout the entire class hours, they quietly keep munching on something or the other and then discard the packets inside my pockets and leave. And to give them company, there are a few more special cases who decide to sharpen their pencils and leave the shavings in my pocket and all over me.

While most students behave in such a manner, there are some who actually treat me with respect and behave in an orderly fashion. They do not try to destruct or destroy any part of me consciously. They also do not move me halfway across the class away from my allotted area by dragging my feet on the floor.

Do the students not understand why there is always a loud screech or noise happening whenever they try to drag me around? It is only because I protest against them doing so without my permission and for not following the class rules and protocols.

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This also reminds me of one more atrocity. While most students may be well behaved, there are some who try to take the easy way out during answering their examinations.

They bring numerous cue cards and small pieces of paper chits with humongous amounts of information scribbled on them, or bring their big textbooks and hide it under the table or even bring their phone with all the notes and pictures of important points on it and hide it deftly under the table to help them cheat and write answers during examination.

Most times I try to help out the school by letting the cheat fall on the floor when they try to actually put it in my pockets. But most of the time, all these notorious children getaway and I feel like I have been wronged and misused.

Recently, there have been rumors going around that we may get replaced and we will be unemployed as now there are new innovations arriving to promote classroom technology.

These new competitors are called writing pad study tables and they take up lesser space as the table is apparently attached to the chair. And to think that they believe that the table would be supportive or stable enough for our energetic children is a grave concern.

What I provide is stability, sturdiness, and familiarity while the new ones only work to compromise on space and let more students sit into one room at the same time.

While the school authorities and board members may try to remove us from this school and wipe off our existence from the students’ lives, we, the school desks know our students well enough to say that while we may be gone from sight and location, we will never be forgotten.

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And I feel so because I know for a fact that we were the best invention when it came to study tables and to replace us would mean to degrade your standards, not upgrade anymore because we were the pinnacle of innovation and utilization.

Just because we may not have a voice to protest or because our children do not know of the great calamity that is to befall them yet, does not mean that we can be removed so easily.

For myself and for others much like me, I shall take a stand and I pledge to not budge till the authorities listen to us and negotiate as well. But then, why should we go into so much trouble. Perhaps it is actually time for us oldies to retire and to let the new and young generation work ahead and lead us into greater heights.

At times, I forgive them all. They are but students and I were made to aid them with their daily school life. So when they sit and eat their lunch in the room, keeping their lunch boxes on my head, it makes me feel special.

When they feel extremely sleepy and they feel like they will pass out if they do not take a nap and they rest their heads on me, it makes me feel valued. When they write good things or positive things all over me, so that the next person who needs me can also read them and it might make them feel good, it makes me glad that I am a little school desk.

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