Anchoring Script for a Cultural Event in School [With PDF]


In this lesson, you will learn to write an anchoring script for a cultural event in a school. 

Table of Contents

Welcome Speech for a Cultural Event

Good morning/ evening/ afternoon to our respected principal sir/ ma’am (their name), our teachers, students, non-teaching staff, and our audience present here. Culture is our identity. We dwell in a country where there is no one specific culture, but India is a combination of several of them. India prioritizes all assimilating into itself, unlike other countries that have only one single culture.

We have today gathered for a celebration of Rabindra Jayanti, but what we must remember is that this man himself was a multi-cultural personality. His poems, stories, songs, and literary works have embraced the world’s culture. His Gitanjali has been translated into different languages, where this work of the Noble Laureate has fetched him tremendous respect in both India and abroad.

The Gitanjali is a manifesto of worldly views that assimilates with other cultures and religions as well. Tell me an occasion where you will not find a Tagore song or a poet to suit your temper. It is impossible. He defines what being a Bengali feels like. He defines our culture that is strong, relentless, embracing, which is romantic, pure, happy, and passionate.


When we call for a cultural day we mean to celebrate and propagate a culture that the finest of the Tagores would inspire us to be. So without any further ado, let’s begin our journey  We will start today with an inauguration song composed by our teachers. I will request our music faculty (teachers’ names) to come upon the stage and start our journey today. 

After the Song

It was such a melodious beginning. I will heartily thank all our faculty for this beautiful stage today/ this evening. W.B. Yeats writes in the introduction to the Gitanjali how deeply affecting is the composition of text, even in its translation, it becomes so majestic and beautiful. On asked who is Rabindranath a doctor who is supposed to be a Bengali says that he is a physician to many a tormenting soul. He is the aesthetic need of humans. When they sang this song, it really touched the deepest abyss of my mind. Tagore is bliss. 

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Now we will move on with our program today. We have many more at our disposal. But before that, I will request our respected principal sir/ mam (his/ her name) to share some words regarding how global is Tagore as a cultural phenomenon in our country and Bengal. Sir/ ma’am the stage is all yours.

After the Principal’s Speech and Dance Performance (For Seniors)

What sir/ ma’am has rightly pointed out is that Tagore is for all of us. In every situation in our lives, we find his poems and songs so relevant to us. Every word is topical as if he has thought of today and composed his creations. They are ecstatic and beautiful. For every Bengali, his poems and songs, and short stories are of premium significance. If you still see a group of people having fun and gossiping, at least one of them will be humming a Rabindra sangeet. He is predominant and significant in that way and in the next century also and many more after that he will be the most discussed legend.

Now, moving on with our program. We now have our students in classes 9 and 10, who have prepared their self-choreographed dance performances to showcase how Tgaore implies the theory of Nava rasa in his literature as well. 

After the principal’s Speech and Dance Performance (For the Juniors)

Thank you so much sir/ ma’am for your time. I will request you take your seat and enjoy the rest of our performances today. As we all know any culture is best exhibited through its dance performances. Dance tells us a story recreated through serene body movements and hand gestures. Tagore has always employed a greater part of his stories in dance dramas. Without dance, any composition of Tagre is incomplete. So now the kids of our society will come upon the stage and present some of their beautiful dances, showcasing the childhood stories of Tagore. 

After the Dance Performance (For Seniors)

Thank you so many students for this amazing performance. I simply forgot that you all were performing for more than twenty minutes straight, showcasing several aspects of Nava Rasa and how Tagore has implemented it in his literature and songs. Also, the gracious movements just perfectly balanced the attire you all were dressed up in. I would like a round of applause for our dance choreographers and also our costume and makeup designers who have created this wonderful performance.

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After the Dance Performance (For Juniors)

It is always a great source of pleasure to see our little children perform so beautifully. What is most amazing is how at such a little age they have acquired the entire performance so beautifully and without any mistake. They danced as f I saw many adept future dancers of our society. It was so amazing. Thank you so much (name of the choreographers) for creating this beautiful group of budding talents.

Recitation Performance

We will now move on to our next performance. Our dear student (his/her name) has prepared a beautiful recitation of Tagore’s one of the most famous poems (name of the poem). Let’s have a big round of applause for her. The stage is all yours (his/her name)

After the Recitation Performance

While he /she was reciting the poem one specific line greatly caught my attention. Almost immediately I was reminded how Tagore, besides being a man of innumerable knowledge, is also a person who has received severe pains of death throughout his life. At quite a young age he has lost his two biggest supports, his mother and his sister-in-law or beloved Bouthan, who actually was his Muse.

Even he had witnessed the deaths of his spouse and his dear children. I felt how terrific and pathetic has been for the human Tagore and not the Noble Laureate. So while we celebrate today, I believe we should celebrate his pains and anxieties that have been moulded in his artistic creations.

Thank you so much (his / her name), that was so lovely. Your voice is so deep and so beautifully adjusted with every pronunciation you made. Let me tell you all in fact, that he/she is a national-level champion in recital performances and has been mentored by one of the best tutors in our state. Once again, a big round of applause for him/her.

Prize Distribution

For Rabindra Jayanti, lots of students have participated in our online drawing, singing, and dancing competitions. For more than two months the entire submission and selection process of students has taken place. But let me tell you all it was extremely difficult to choose three students from each category since all of you who have participated in this are worthy of prizes.

All of you deserve equal blessings and applause. But it is a rule to choose only a few and crown them. So I will now request our Principal sir/ ma’am to come upon the stage and declare the names of the winners. At first, it will be the drawing competition, then dance, and then music. Sir/ ma’am, please come upon the stage.

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After Prize Distribution and Drama Performance

Thank you so much, sir/ ma’am. I wish all of the winners a great future ahead. Now we will move on with the final performance of today, a presentation of the excerpt from Tagore’s one of the most famous dramas Achalayatan. Before I leave the stage, let me tell you all a bit about this drama. It is principally based on the conservative mode of school studies and how bounded the system is.

Tagore himself never preferred institutional studies where the min was not free. This drama is an exact representation of such a system, where Pancham plays the role of that free-spirited narrator himself. I will now leave the stage to let our designers prepare it. The students participating in this drama are (their names with respective characters played)

After the Drama Performance

It has become really difficult for me to say anything after watching such a terrific performance. I was just left spellbound. The dialogues are already the creations of a master composer, it is so lyrical like poetry, with such a strong message within it, along with all its humour balanced. But what actually manifested the entire setting and concept of Tagore is the performance of our students.

How beautifully they managed themselves. How well they created that voice and jargon so neatly. I believe there is no one here who is not impressed by your performance. A big round of applause for our performers, directors, costume and stage designers, lights, and technicians.

Ending Speech

We have finally arrived at the end of today’s program. It is really hard to leave it otherwise this ambience has been so beautifully created. So to keep the last taste of this day, let us hear our last song today prepared by our music teachers. 

After the Final Song Performance

Thank you so much to everyone who participated today. It is always a joy to see such an enthusiastic crowd and students making every year a success. I heartily thank you all. On this note, have a good day/ good night. 

Note: It is a sample anchoring script from which you can get a basic idea about the very topic. You can edit this script according to your requirement and wish. If you have any queries about this session, kindly let me know through the comment section below. Thank you for being with us.