10 Lines on Zoo in English [3 Examples]


In today’s session, you will learn to write ‘10 Lines’ on Zoo. Based on the relevance of this kind of English comprehension, here I’ve written three sets suitable for every school standard. I hope, it will help you. 

10 Lines on Zoo for Kids

  1. A zoo is a place where animals and birds stay
  2. It is filled with wild animals, fishes, snakes, and also birds
  3. A zoo keeps aquariums for fishes
  4. Animals like lions, tigers, monkeys, and others are kept in the zoo
  5. There are lots of beautiful birds in it
  6. The cages are daily cleaned by the zoo keepers
  7. The animals are given food and treatment daily by the vet
  8. People visit zoos mainly in the winter season
  9. Animals and birds are kept here for their safety
  10. Alipore Zoological Garden is a famous zoo in Kolkata

10 Lines on Zoo for Classes 1,2,3

  1. A zoo is a place of great fun and amusement and also of learning the animal nature.
  2. It is a place where animals, birds, fishes, and other reptiles are kept in safety
  3. They are looked after daily by the zoo keepers and they have their own vet
  4. The animals and birds live under a certain rule and diet.
  5. If they fall ill they are immediately treated
  6. Although they are wild animals they are given proper vaccination
  7. People visiting the zoo are thus not allowed to feed them or make fun of them
  8. The animals are only for a show to the people and visitors are punished for misbehaving with them
  9. The zoo reminds us how we should take care of the natural beings
  10. Keeping the area of the zoo clean and clear is our duty toward the birds and animals.
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10 Lines on Zoo for Classes 4,5,6

  1. Every living being on earth has the right to live safely and the zoo preserves wildlife from unnatural extinction
  2. It is not just the house of national and international animals and birds but also a mode to keep them healthy and out of any human disturbance
  3. In the zoo, they are safe from hunting and poaching that happens in open forests
  4. The wildlife is preserved through proper diet and medical treatment
  5. If one of them falls sick then they are immediately taken care of
  6. Zoos act as protection for them like national parks and reserve forests
  7. The visitors are forbidden to feed or touch them for amusement 
  8. If they are harmed, then that casualty is severely punished
  9. Through laws, wildlife is prevented from deliberate caging and torture
  10. A zoo is a reminder to humanity to fulfil its duties towards wildlife.

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