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Hello Readers, today this paper consists of 10 lines on Environment Pollution. We divide the 10 lines into a set of 5 so that you have options to choose between them or merge them accordingly.

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Here are the 5 Sets of 10 Line on Pollution:

Set 1 on Environmental Pollution:

  1. When the environment gets affected by harmful contaminants and substances, then it can be termed as Environment pollution.
  2. Environmental pollution contains some critical threats like water pollution, noise pollution and many more by which so many issues are formed in the earth.
  3. Air pollution, soil pollution, thermal pollution, light pollution, and radioactive pollution are present in the list of environmental pollution and have their own effect on the peace of the earth.
  4. The contaminants that constitute environmental pollution are known as pollutants.
  5. The most harmful pollutants are produced by industries and some harmful gases like Carbon dioxide, methane and others are also emitted into the atmosphere by them.
  6. As a result, the air of our environment becomes polluted and this is one of the main reasons for air pollution.
  7. Not only that, but the industries also discharge some industrial wastes like chemicals and many more into the pond or lake.
  8. As a result, the water in our environment has polluted and this one of the main reasons for water pollution.
  9. DDT can be used as a pest controller in agricultural practices by the farmers.
  10. Sometimes there are two harmful chemicals like Dieldrin and Aldrin that are mixed with DDT and that mixture directly affects the agricultural foods as it is a non-biodegradable product.

Set 2 on Environmental Pollution:

  1. Due to the ultraviolet radiation, some allergenic pollutants of air including pollen and mold help to increase the pollution level of air in the environment.
  2. Smog is created due to warm weather and can easily damage our lungs, throat, and eyes.
  3. Peoples are also responsible for the reason for water pollution as they bath themselves and also their animals too or they wash their dirty clothes and kitchenware into the water of pond or lake.
  4. Water plays a crucial role in our everyday life but if we get failed to prevent water pollution, then the crisis of water will be increased day by day.
  5. The air of our environment can be polluted through many sectors like industry, transport, power, construction, and agriculture or residential and many more.
  6. Our health, regional climate, and food production can be affected by air pollution.
  7. Peoples suffering from diseases like ischemic disease of heart, low birth-weight, asthma, tuberculosis, laryngeal cancers and nasopharyngeal disease due to air pollution.   
  8. When the oil gets transported from one place to another, sometimes oils are dropped on the soil due to leakage.
  9. As a result, the oil gets mixed with the soil and it causes soil pollution.
  10. DDT is insoluble in water, so it is very harmful to our environment.
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Set 3 on Environmental Pollution:

  1. There are many aquatic creatures, plants, fungi and many more that live in the sea and cannot live without water, but their quantity has been decreased day by day due to water pollution.
  2. In India, rapid urbanization during the present decades helps to increase some environmental problems like wastewater generation, wastewater collection, wastewater disposal, and its treatment.
  3. Sometimes many dead bodies are thrown into the water by the people.
  4. As a result, the quantity of pollutants gets increased in the water of our environment and it causes water pollution.
  5. Natural drains can be used to dispose of untreated or partly treated or treated wastewater of our environment and they are also connected with lakes or ponds.
  6. As a result, the water of lakes and ponds can easily be polluted and as a result water pollution takes place.
  7. Mercury is one of the most harmful air pollutants that can easily damage our nervous system.
  8. Lead is also a harmful air pollutant that can harm children’s kidneys and brains.
  9. Extreme use of inorganic fertilizer can affect the soil.
  10. As a result, the soil of our environment becomes polluted.
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Set 4 on Environmental Pollution:

  1. On the monsoon time, traces of pesticides and fertilizers can be exhausted into the nearby lakes or ponds through heavy showers.
  2.  As a result, water pollution takes place.
  3. According to some recent researches, it is proved that air pollution is the main reason behind neural tissue damage, degeneration of barriers of blood-brain and neuroinflammation.
  4. The harmful gases and smokes that come from the vehicles are also responsible for the enhancement of air pollution.
  5. Benzene is popularly known as a dangerous air pollutant and it is the main reason behind some short term irritation of our lung, skin and eyes and long term irritations like blood disorders and others.
  6. Dioxin is a type of air pollutant that we can find not only in the air but also in some food and it can affect our liver as short term and our immune, endocrine, and nervous system as long term.
  7. Polyclinic aromatic hydrocarbon is also an air pollutant that comes from wildfire smoke and from traffic exhaust.
  8. DDT is the main cause of some physiological and metabolic disorders in humans.
  9. DDT is very harmful to our nervous system.
  10. Plastic is a non-biodegradable element and it causes soil pollution.
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Set 5 on Environmental Pollution:

  1. Trees give us oxygen and intake carbon dioxide and help to make a pollution-free environment, but people cut those trees that become the main reason behind the enhancement of the pollution level in the environment.  
  2. Air pollutants like carbon dioxide, methane and much more help to increase the temperature of the earth daily.
  3. As a result, global warming takes place.
  4. Polyclinic aromatic hydrocarbon is the main cause behind lung and eye irritation, liver or blood cancer.
  5. One of the most dangerous effects of air pollution is the greenhouse effect.
  6. The heat of the earth is trapped in the atmosphere as the effect of greenhouse gases.
  7. As a result, the temperature of our environment increases daily.
  8. The effects of greenhouse gases are like rising sea levels, deaths due to heat and many more.
  9. However, the water of our environment becomes polluted by the oil that leaks from a ship when it gets transported through ships and that oil directly mixes into the water of the sea.
  10. As a result, the water of the sea is being polluted that helps to increase water pollution.

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