Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him or Her about Your Daily Life [With PDF]


We all lead our lives differently. In today’s session, we’ll learn how to write friendly letters about the things you do in your daily life using clear English. Next time when you’ll be asked to compose such letters, these examples will come in handy. So let’s get started.

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Example Letter Writing 1

Question-1: Write a letter to your friend who lives in a different state telling him/her about your daily life.

Hints: Express your happiness on receiving his/her letter – Update about your routine – Ask him to write about his daily life too.

32, South City,
Amar Colony 110024,
March 11, 2021.

Dear Sabby,


Your letter has reached me. I am glad you took interest in my daily life activities. Read the letter to find about it.

After waking up at 6.00 in the morning I have a glass of lukewarm water as it boosts my metabolism. Then I get fresh, have my breakfast and practise mathematics till 9.00 am. I pack my bag and prepare tiffin for school. By the time it gets 10.00 am, I take shower, have light food and get ready for school. Our school breaks at 4’0 clock.

By five I reached home, have some meal and take a power nap. My tutor comes by 7 in the evening and study for 2 hours. In the meantime, my mother serves us dinner. After dinner sometimes I chat with my parents or read a storybook. By 11.00 P.M I go to bed.

Let me know about your daily activities also. Take care of yourself. Convey my regards to your parents.

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Yours lovingly,

Example Letter Writing 2

Question-2: You have taken admission to a new hostel. Write a letter to your friends telling her about your daily life in the hostel

Hints: Mention the purpose of your letter – Highlight your daily activities – How you are coping up with the new life

19 A.J.C Bose Road,
Kolkata 700101,
June 14, 2021.

Dear Raina,

I hope the letter finds you in pink of your health. I am excited to tell you about my daily routine in the hostel.

My day starts at 4.30 in the morning. I get fresh and have soaked nuts and raisin. We strictly have to be on the ground by 5.30 am. We go for a run and practise freehand exercise. By 7.00 I return to the hostel room, take my shower and have the breakfast delivered to our room. I study by myself for two hours before leaving for school.

My school starts at 10.00 AM and breaks at 4.00 PM. On returning I have the meal and go to play. I return by dusk. I get fresh quickly and sit for studies. We are served dinner by  9.00 PM. After finishing dinner sometimes we chat among ourselves. In the hostel, we are not allowed to stay awake after 10.30 in the night. 

Now, I have to go to bed. My love to you. Regards to Uncle and Auntie.

Yours sincerely, 

Example Letter Writing 3

Question-3: You are selected in the state under 17 Football Team and currently living in the players’ quarter. Write a letter to your friend telling him about your daily life in the quarter.

Hints: Express your gratitude to him – Update about your routine, – Mention the duration of the practice session – Ask about his exam preparation.

23 Athletic Club,
Kolkata 700063,
February 12, 2021.

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Dear Anurag,

I am glad to know you feel proud of me for getting selected in the under 17 State Football Team. I am excited to share my daily new routine.

I wake up at 6.30 am. Waking up I have a glass of water and get fresh immediately. I sat for breakfast and we are instructed to have heavy breakfast 45 minutes before the practice session. I along with other players go for the practice session at 8.00 am.

Our coach is strict but friendly. Starting with warm-up we practise rigorously for 4 hours. On returning hotel I get fresh and have lunch. Taking a power nap of twenty minutes has become like a habit. From 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM we have a strategy session. On the evening campus, I and a few other players go for brisk walking. I am giving my best to make you all proud.

Convey my regards to your parents. Let me know how you are preparing for your boards.

Yours lovingly,

Example Letter Writing 4

Question-4: You have a singing competition in a few days. Wite a letter to your friend telling him/her how your daily life has changed for that.

Hints: Reason for being late – Update about your daily like – How you are managing your studies

10 Square Garden,
Bangalore – 111321,
June 19, 2021.

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Dear Ritu,

I am sorry for the late response to your letter. I am busy balancing studies and singing. Finally, I took out some time to give you a glimpse of my daily life.

My day begins at 7.00 in the morning. Get fresh have breakfast and practise singing for one hour. At 9.00 I get up took take bath. Then I pack my bags and get ready for school. My school begins at 11.00 AM. I attain all the classes with keen interest.

I return from school at 4.30 have my meal and take little rest. Since I have a singing competition, I have to now practice twice a day. My studies are getting affected for the time being but once the competition is over I will get back on track. My mother serves us dinner at 10.00 PM. Then my brother and I stroll on our terrace. I pray to god and go to bed by 11.30 in the night.

No more today. More when shall we meet. My regards to Uncle and Auntie. 

Yours sincerely,

I have just shown you how you can write about your daily life. Pay special attention to the placing, punctuation and paragraph intending. Hope you found these articles useful. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below. Come up with ideas you want us to write for you.  Keep an eye on this page, we come up with various topics that are helpful for your academics.