Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing how You Spend Your Recent Summer Vacation [With PDF]

As a student, we all look forward to summer vacations. While some go on a trip some learn new skills. I have shown you four different ways to write a letter to a friend describing how you spend your recent summer vacations. Read it carefully and try writing in your own way.

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Example Letter Writing 1

Question-1: Write a letter to your friend telling him or her how you spend your recent summer vacation.

Hints: Update about your passion, - How you have monetised your passion, Who helped you in the process, - Your feeling

19 Worli Road,
Mumbai 111221,
June 1, 2021.

Dear Tejal

I hope this letter finds you in your pink of health. I have a piece of amazing news to share with that I picked up a pen and start writing.

My passion for art and craft is not unknown to anyone. During the summer vacation, I had hand-painted an old shirt of mine. My mother took a photo of it and uploaded it on social media. My piece of art was well appreciated and to our surprise, one of the ladies asked me to hand paint a T-shirt for her son in exchange for money.

Though not very confident I took up the order for Rs 350. The lady was very satisfied with my work and referred my name to others also. During this summer vacation, I had hand-painted a total of five T-shirts. For the first time, I earned Rs 1750 all by myself. It was a surreal experience for me.

I am eagerly waiting to hear, how you have spent the summer vacation. Convey my regards to Uncle and Aunty.

Yours lovingly,

Example Letter Writing 2

Question-2: You have spent your summer vacation in an innovative way. Write a letter to your friend describing how you spend your recent summer vacation.

Hints: Acknowledge your friend’s newly learnt skill,- Update about how you spent your summer vacation, - Your experience, - What you learnt

E 92/1 Garia,
Kolkata - 700081,
June 2, 2021.

Dear Vaibhav,

I am so glad to know you have learnt swimming, this summer vacation. I would love to tell you about my summer vacation.

I have done a 15 days internship with a child orphanage in the city. I was responsible to teach them elementary English and Mathematics. First time I experienced how it feels to impart knowledge to others. The zeal of the children to learn new things had inspired me.

We had developed a very deep connection with each other. I received pure love from those children and my work was also well appreciated by the authority. I also bagged a certificate of appreciation at the end of my tenure. I returned from there with a bag full of experiences, learnings and memories for a lifetime.

Convey my regards to all the elders in the house. My love for the younger ones.

Yours lovingly,

Example Letter Writing 3

Question-3: You have learnt a new skill during the summer vacation. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about the skill.

Hints: Update about the skill you learnt during the vacation, - Why you learnt it, - Who helps you to learn, - Share your experience.

11 D, College Street,
Kolkata 711201,
June 3, 2021.

Dear Aritra,

I hope the letter finds you in vibrant health and mood.  I assure, that you will be relieved to know how I have spent my summer vacation.

In this summer vacation, I have learnt cooking, the most important skill to survive the hostel days. It was my mother who encouraged me in learning cooking. Besides a few basic dishes, I especially learnt non - gas cookings as we don’t have access to gas in the hostel.

I am excited to think, the days of having cold noodles in breakfast are over. She also shared some handy tips and tricks on how to store foods so I don’t have to cook every day. Learning cooking from my mother was really a pleasant experience. While learning I also realised how much efforts our mother put to bring food to the table.

I am eagerly waiting to meet you at school after the summer vacation. Convey my regards to your parents.

Yours lovingly,

Example Letter Writing 4

Question-4: You have spent your summer vacation in your grandparent”s house. Write a letter to your friend telling him about how you spend your vacation there.

Hints: Update about the location, - Update about other visitors, Your activities, - Your experience

19 Bandra Rd,
Mumbai 111222,
May 15, 2021.

Dear Mira,

I haven’t heard from you since we last met. How are you? I am sharing with you my extreme joy in visiting our native house in Mahabalipuram.

My other cousin’s had also flown down and it was a pleasant reunion. My grandparents were filled with joy and satisfaction to have us all. My grandfather even in his eighty goes for strolling at 4.00 in the morning, this time we also had accompanied him. The village was free from dust and pollution.

We helped grandmother in cooking sumptuous traditional dishes for us. It was a small town full of great monuments, cave sanctuaries and sculptures. I enjoyed the most visiting Mahabalipuram Light House from where one can get the panoramic view of the vast seashore. 10 days passed by in a blink of eyes. It felt bad to return and our grandparents were also sad. We promised them to visit during our winter vacation too.

No more for today. More when we shall meet again. Now I have to finish my holiday homework.

Yours lovingly,

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