Write a Letter to the Editor about Global Warming


In this article, I am going to show you how to write an editorial letter about global warming. . Editorial letters are formal in nature and these letters address a specific issue. These kinds of letters are usually found on the editorial page of newspapers. The below examples will come in handy whenever you are asked to compose a letter like this. Let’s get started now. 

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Set 1

Question-1: You are concerned about the grave consequences of global warming. In your locality, green fields are being wiped off to make buildings. Write a letter to the editor highlighting the issue and to bring upon people’s awareness regarding this matter. 

Hints: The effects of global warming- Climate change- Increased temperature- Careless attitude of people- Locality problems

28B, Jadavpur Road
Kolkata- 700048

April 30, 2021


The Editor
“The Hindu”

Sub: Effects of global warming

Respected Sir,

 I would like to reflect upon the detrimental effects of global warming on our planet and how the residents of the world are responsible for this. 

Climate change is the direct effect of global warming. Nowadays we are experiencing extreme heat which was unknown to us even some years ago. We are encountering rains in the most unexpected season and monsoon has become just a dry spell. It is because of our carelessness towards the environment that has caused this increasing global warming and its dire effects. eventually, we are the sufferer of this whole situation. Recently, in my locality, a residential complex is being built on the only field we had. Some people protested against it as it was only a place where children could play, the elder could for a walk. But now even this patch of green being snatched away from us. 

It is high time that we understand the harmful effects we are causing to our mother earth. I request you to highlight this issue on your esteemed daily to spread awareness among citizens and stop the unjust abolition of greenery in localities. 

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Yours sincerely, 
Biplab Das. 

Set 2

Question-2: Deforestation for commercial and personal uses is causing global warming. Write a letter to the editor about how people can adopt a sustainable way of living. 

Hints: Why deforestation is being done- How does it affect the environment- The reckless attitude of people- Cutting down of trees- A sustainable way of living

18, darshan Road
Delhi 500089

May 02, 2021

The Editor
The Times of India

Sub: Deforestation leading to global warming

Respected Sir/Madam,

Global warming is being caused by several reasons and humanity as a whole should take the liability for this. One of the first and foremost reasons for global warming is deforestation. Trees are being cut down mercilessly and continuously for our use. 

Huge forests are bought by companies to make wood furniture, to make diapers for babies, and to make wet wipes. These commodities are not bio-degradable and they are not at all environmentally friendly. People are still not using reusable cloth bags and opt for paper bags that are made out of cutting trees.  Deforestation is leading to more production of carbon0die-oxide and nature is becoming more toxic. We should try and live in a more sustainable way where we use reusable things which are not harmful to the environment.  We should also focus on reducing the use of paper so that trees are not cut down anymore. 

I hope these dangerous causes that are leading to global warming should act as a warning for our reckless attitude towards deforestation and cutting down trees for commercial and personal purposes. 

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Yours sincerely, 
Rakesh Routh 

Set 3

Question-3: Global warming is the reason for the melting of glaciers and sea-level rise. Write a letter to the editor about the problems that can be faced by people due to sea-level rise. 

Hints: What happens with the melting of snow- How does sea-level increase- What are the effects of these on people- Lack of water

18B, Meenabazaar
Hyderabad 500089

May 03, 2021

The Editor
The Telegraph

Sub: Global warming causes sea-level rises

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to highlight a critical issue on your esteem daily about the current sea-level rise which is caused by the melting of glaciers. Glacier melting is the direct impact of global warming. 

As the temperature of the earth is increasing at a high rate, the glaciers have started melting. Snow-covered areas are getting covered with water due to this reason. And it poses a huge threat to civilization and humanity. The more snow melts, the more water is flowing into oceans and seas giving a rise to the natural sea level. The sea-level increase will turn into floods and overflowing water bodies which can damage the human lives and properties on Earth. Not only that, but glacier melting also causes a lack of water usage for humans. 

As we can see, we are exposed to more natural calamities in the future. If we want to save our lives, we have to our world. I hope this issue acts as a catalyst for people to take the right steps for our environment. 

Yours sincerely,
Amrita Seth. 

Set 4

Question-4: Awareness programs about global warming and the necessary steps to prevent it should be done by every school and club. Write a letter to the editor on the importance of such awareness programs.

Hints: School’s initiative to spread awareness-Tree plantation- Recycling and reusing- Clubs organizing programs like these- Other small habits

19, Ajanta Place
Lucknow 400029

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May 03, 2021

The Editor
The Sunday Guardian

Sub: Awareness program for global warming 

Respected Sir/ Madam,

Global warming is the severe disease that our Earth is suffering from. No one but only human beings should be held accountable for that. However, awareness and taking little steps towards saving the world can make Earth once again a better place to live in. 

Awareness programs should be held in various forms for people of all ages. Children should understand the severity of global warming and its effects on us. They must be taught how they can incorporate behavior that would be beneficial for our environment. Schools can have monthly tree plantation programs in various places, how to recycle and reuse old products things like these would give the students first-hand experience. Apart from that, using reusable cloth bags, switching off the lights, not wasting water all should be taught to make them understand how we can protect our environment from further damage. These programs can be organized by clubs for localities as well to spread awareness among everyone. 

I urge you to put a spotlight on this issue on your esteemed daily so that people are more aware of our environment. 

Yours sincerely,
Ambar Gupta. 

Here in this article, I taught you how to wrote a letter to the editor about global warming. I hope you enjoyed the session and found it helpful. Let us know your feedback in the comment section below. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our website for exciting topics like this. 

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