Short Essay on Telephone [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF

By | February 10, 2022

The telephone is one of the most important gadgets for our modern-day lives. In this lesson today, you will learn how to write short essays on Telephones. So, let’s get started. 

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Short Essay on Telephone in 100 Words

The telephone was one of the most important gadgets in our daily life even a decade ago. It is the most essential device to maintain communication between two corners of the world. Around 150 years ago, in 1876, Scottish engineer – scientist Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone. With this invention, the contemporary communication industry saw a revolutionary transformation.

Though telecommunication used to be pretty much complicated and costly back then. But with modern scientific advancement Telephones reached almost every urban household of India by the beginning of the 21st century. With more technological advancement telephones became wireless and modernized. Then gradually mobile phones came into the picture by the middle of the first decade of this century and replaced traditional landline telephones. 


Short Essay on Telephone in 200 Words

Even around two decades ago, people could hardly imagine their life without traditional telephones. The telephone was the primary mean of our modern communication. Before the invention of the Telephone, we used to write letters and send telegrams to communicate with our friends and relatives. But the telephone brought the entire world closer to us, making our closed people’s voices audible. The person who made this magic possible is Sir Alexander Graham Bell. The invention of the Telephone paved the way for a revolution in communication. 

With time and scientific advancements, Telephones became much modernised. At the very beginning, it was very difficult to establish telecommunication networks. So making calls was not so easy either. Moreover, the size and design of those first-generation telephones were also less practical. But with the beginning of the 20th century, everything around the Telecommunication industry started changing. By the second half of the century, telephones started using wireless communication network systems. With more scientific advancement in the telecommunication industry, mobile phones came into the picture. 

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Telephones have enormous contributions to our lives. Making communication easier this gadget contributes to various industries and creates millions of job opportunities. So, in this modern era without telephones, our life will be nothing but deep into utter darkness. 

Short Essay on Telephone in 400 Words

The word telephone is derived from two different Greek words. One is ‘Tele’ that means far and the next one is ‘phone’ which refers to sound/voice. From the late 19th century the race had begun to make the first machine that could transmit human voice from one place to another. By the mid-1800s’ an Italian inventor named  Antonio Mauci became nearly successful in making such a machine.

He named it a ‘Sound Telegraph’. But in 1876, Scottish engineer Alexander Graham Bell invented the first Tele-talking machine called Telephone. He made the first call in history from one floor to another and talked to his friend. 

Though the first telephone was nothing sort of as we see it today. It was comparatively large in size and there were many kinds of difficulties to be resolved in it. But with time and modern scientific advancement traditional, basic telephones were modernised. From the mid 20th century, engineers started trying to use more advanced technologies to make telephones multi-functional. Gradually the design of telephones became practical and a few additional gadgets were also invented to make telephones a bit smarter.

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Compared to the time, no matter how smart the telephone actually became, it still had one basic problem. A person still couldn’t carry a telephone along with him. After long research, engineers of Motorola first created a portable phone in 1973. They named it a Mobile Telephone. This is how the journey of the modern telephone started.

The invention of the mobile telephone revolutionized the telecommunication industry. Gradually with technological advancement and increasing affordability, mobile phones have now completely replaced the traditional telephone. 

India got its first telephone during the ‘British Raj’ on 28th January 1882. The first ‘telephone exchange’ was established in contemporary Calcutta. Three telephone exchange offices were established later in the three main cities of British India. But telephone service was limited to military usage and highly rich people till even the early post-independence period. Only from the last quarter of the 20th-century, the telephone service started being available for common Indian people. Landline telephone reached many urban households till the end of the century. 

The telephone has affected human civilization extensively till after its invention. The world saw extensive usage of telephones for military purposes in two consequent world wars. It helped people to bring the long-distance closer and eliminated the time gap from between. Nowadays, the modern mobile telephone has reached such a stage where it’s being used for almost all purposes. 

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So, that was all to write in an essay about Telephones. Hopefully, after going through this lesson, you have understood everything about writing short essays on Telephones and will be able to write such essays yourself.

I have presented the entire context in a very simple language exclusively for your easy understanding. If you still have doubts regarding this session, kindly let me know through the comment section below. To read more such essays on various important topics, keep browsing our website. 

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