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In this lesson, you will learn how you can write short essays on Freedom Fighters. Here, I will write three sets of short essays on the same topic covering different word limits. 

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Short Essay on Freedom fighters in 100 Words

Freedom is one of the most expected states of living throughout the world for all living beings. Any kind of bondage or forcing anyone to imprisonment is a punishable offence. All have the right to live freely. Similarly, when India lost her independence to the British in 1757 after the battle of Plassey, for the next 200 years India fought for her independence.

It was extremely difficult for the freedom fighters or the brave souls to bring India’s Independence. Freedom fighters of those people who fight for the freedom of their specific nation, and who sacrifice their lives for the same. India is one of the most significant lands where brave freedom fighters are born to save the motherland. 

Short Essay on Freedom fighters in 200 Words

Whether on a small scale or on a large scale, freedom of life is the most desired state for all living beings on Earth. Those who fight for their own freedom are called freedom fighters. They are extremely brave and never scared to sacrifice their life for the greater good. Throughout centuries several parts of the world have experienced the loss of their Independence.

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Many countries like India have suffered colonial aggression under a strong power like the British. So for the next 200 years, Indian freedom fighters have constantly fought against the torture of the British Empire.

Be it America or India or African communities, freedom fighters are always those energetic people whose blood has been rewarded by the personalized constitution of every nation. As for India, freedom fighters like Netaji, Gandhi, Surya Sen, Binay-Badal-Dinesh, Khudiram, and others have been duty-bound to bring India freedom.

While Gandhiji worked for the nonviolence method, some revolutionaries fought directly with arms against the British. In both ways, India received her independence. A freedom fighter, hence, is not just using the brain but also constantly fighting against the torture, physically. Today soldiers fighting at the borders are respected as freedom fighters because for getting their own lives they constantly try to keep the country safe and secure.

Short Essay on Freedom fighters in 400 Words

If any human being is asked about the greatest state of living on the earth, they will consider freedom to be one of those. From a small scale to a bigger region, freedom is the most desired state of all. When a country gets captivated, the citizens of that nation fight for their rights and independence. Those people who fight for their rights and freedom are called freedom fighters. 

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A freedom fighter is perhaps the most respectable person on this earth. He is much more than a simple human, not because he is fighting for his country. Beyond anything, the fighter forgets about his own family and dedicates his life completely for the sake of the nation. He never gives importance to his own life and binds himself to a single purpose of saving the country.

India is a seat for many such great freedom fighters whom we still remember and pay our respects to. In fact, any country gives extreme importance to the lives of freedom fighters. They are immortal for the sacrifice they make for the country’s well-being. These brave soldiers are bound by their codes of duty and honour and are instructed in different ways to make them able and responsible war figures for the nation.

When the British came to India and colonized the country for almost 200 years, then at several places in the country, freedom fighters waged wars against them. It all started on small scales where the Queen of Jhansi, Tantia Tope, Mangal Pandey, Titumir, and others waged wars against the colonial masters. They made their efforts stronger even as a tribal chief or a specific group of people. But later on with the advent of Gandhian politics in India and the availability of guns, gunpowder, bullets, and other equipment, freedom fighters started developing their skills.

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They now used the weapons of the British against them and the country blazed in revolt. After Sepoy Mutiny in 1857, India saw how Bengal became a seat of such brave freedom fighters. Surya Sen, Netaji, Khudiram, Binay-Badal-Dinesh, Pritilata Waddedar, and Matangini Hazra, all became important faces to drive the country to independence. While Gandhi proposed non-violence, simultaneously the freedom fighters continued their actions. Both at two different levels are freedom fighters. 

Thus freedom fighters believe in their own strengths and still now whenever a country faces a crisis of independence they jump forward to rescue all. Many are brutally wounded and made impaired for life. The life of the freedom fighters reminds us to maintain peace between nations.

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