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In this lesson, you will learn how you can write short essays on Communal Harmony. I will write three sets of essays covering different word limits in very simple language.

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Short Essay on Communal Harmony in 100 Words

As part of a community, we exist with several other components of nature. All these form a greater community or associations with which we connect ourselves. Communal harmony refers to the peace and stability that are created by the members of a specific community towards other members of the society. This harmony is intended to create a sustainable place of living for all.

Humans and animals both have the right to communicate in a happy environment. Communal hatred is generally created upon human beings, although a specific group of animals also doesn’t escape the violence. Having communal harmony is important as it enables the people to stay connected together and creates a suitable place for the next generations.

Short Essay on Communal Harmony in 200 Words

A community created by people must ensure that all members living within it, be human or animal, are comfortable being a part of it. By communal harmony, we mean the balance and peace that are found in a specific society or something that we must create for the good running of the larger society that the world. Recently in India, we are coming across the news of several incidents of communal and racial hatred.

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A certain group of people, supported by their evil ideas are creating problems in society. When a group of people believes that their religion or class or the wealth they have are much more important than the sentiments of other members of that society, then communal disharmony happens.

Communal harmony is the responsibility of all. According to the constitution of every country, every living being has the right to stay happily and peacefully within a community. No one can be judged or tortured for belonging to a minor group in name of certain racial supremacy. Maintaining this balance is tough since several groups have their own opinions and as a result, one can be highly affected by that.

Such opinions can be both good and bad. Hence any communal decision must be undertaken to benefit all. There should be no rule that will create an imbalance between people or make a certain class of people dictate over the others.

Short Essay on Communal Harmony in 400 Words

Any country remains happy and prosperous due to the balance and communication between several communities with which the country is formed. A country like India does not include only one big race or religion but is an assimilation of several classes, cultures, religions, tribes, languages, food habits, clothes, preferences, and wishes.

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Hence it is impossible to give one specific community greater importance than the other. If such biases are found in a diverse setting then it will lead the county to racial issues and communal wars. Recently we are seeing how every country is becoming a victim of communal hatred and people are fighting against each other without any reason.

Communal harmony is described as the balance that is created within a specific class of people or a society to ensure all get their rightful position in the country. Every citizen has the right to live happily and equally. If such rights of people are destroyed then the communal harmony is lost and the communal ideals are disturbed. Not only humans but also animals become the tags of a certain religion. Hence it is to be observed that the animals are also kept in peace.

There should be no religion, class, or language as an official communal system. One must embrace all diversities and make society a balanced living space for everyone. This, in turn, will save the country from internal political and secular problems.

A diverse country like India has often seen communal riots that have created lots of tension and fear among the people. Many innocent people have died due to this and these racial policies were present even before the arrival of the British in India. The time of colonial rule in India also saw how the people of a certain community had been tortured by the British. Even today in the name of a religion a greater number of people do not even think twice before murdering the other class. All happens due to a lack of understanding and love between the community members. People are selfish now to think of others.

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Thus specific rules should be kept and applied for communal harmony. It is to be ensured that no one with stronger powers ever dares to disturb the communal harmony that is present in society. Maintaining communal peace is not only important for the group but also for personal well-being since a peaceful environment only can create a wonderful citizen.

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