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Today in this article I am going to show you examples of each type of Noun with sentences, and also too download the PDF of this lesson please find the PDF downloadable link below of this article.

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What is a Noun?

The noun is the name of a place, a person or thing. Here are the 10 examples of noun sentences

There are five kinds of noun, those are:

  1. Proper noun
  2. Common noun
  3. Material noun
  4. Abstract noun
  5. Collective noun

So now take a look at the examples of noun in sentences


Proper Noun examples:

proper noun examples

 It stands for the name of a particular person or place

  1. Rabindranath: Rabindranath is the greatest poet of India
  2. London: London is a great city
  3. Delhi: Delhi is the capital of India
  4. Suman: Suman is a good boy
  5. Priyanka: Priyanka is a good girl
  6. Rakesh: Rakesh is a bad boy
  7. Ganga (The name of the river): The Ganga
  8. French Revolution: The French revolution
  9. Hindu: The Hindus
  10. Ramayana: The Ramayana
  11. Kalidas: Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India
  12. Suresh: Suresh is my friend
  13. John: Help me, John
  14. Jhargram: Jhargram is a famous place for its natural beauty
  15. Jupiter: Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system
  16. Valmiki: Valmiki is the homer of India
  17. Saint Xavier: I am a student of Saint Xavier college
  18. Google (A company): She works in google
  19. December(a movie): December is a good movie
  20. McDonald: I love McDonald’s burger
  21. Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli is my favorite player
  22. Ronaldo: Ronaldo is my favorite footballer
  23. Macbeth: Do you read Macbeth?
  24. Nokia: My favorite cell phone brand is Nokia
  25. Mrs. Bose: Mrs. Bose is a good teacher
  26. Titanic: Do you watch Titanic?
  27. 5 stars (A chocolate name): I love chocolates, but 5 stars is my favorite chocolate
  28. Mumpi (name of a girl): I love you Mumpi
  29. Subrata: I know Subrata who gave you the book
  30. Gold: Gold is a very valuable material
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Person:  Ram, Sham, Priyanka, Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Jesus Christ, Sania, etc

Place:  Jhargram, Kolkata, London, Mumbai, berlin, Canada, Spain, United states of America, China, Dubai, Rajasthan, Africa, etc.

Thing:  band-aid, Coca-Cola, sprite, mountain dew, Cadbury, etc.

Time:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, etc.

Movie:  Titanic, Black Panther, Red Sparrow, Avengers: Infinity war, ocean’s 8, Mission impossible 2, etc.

Always remember that proper nouns are written with a capital letter at the beginning

Common Noun examples:

common noun examples

Common noun stands for a name given in common to every person or thing

  1. Book: A book like, the Bible, the Vedas, the Quran
  2. Rivers: There are several rivers are in India
  3. Boys: How many boys are there in the class?
  4. Girls: How many girls are in the hostel
  5. College: How many students are in college?
  6. Teacher: Everyone should obey their teacher
  7. Fish: Fish live in water
  8. Flowers: Flowers smell sweet
  9. Children: Children are god gifted
  10. Pajamas (one type of pant): I love pajamas
  11. Buses: There are so many buses in the bus stand

Material Noun examples:

material noun examples

This stands for the matter of the substance of which it is made, such as gold, coal, tea

  1. Gold: Gold is a valuable material
  2. Tea: Tea of Darjeeling is world famous
  3. Wood: This table made of wood
  4. Iron: The self is made of iron
  5. Diamond: Do you love diamond jewellery?
  6. Flesh: The flesh of a sheep
  7. Brick: The building is built of brick
  8. Gold: The ring is made of gold
  9. Silicon: The reflectors are made of silicon
  10. Coal: The heat is generated from coal
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Abstract Noun examples:

It is the name of an idea, concept quality or state

  1.  Smile: Her smile is so sweet
  2. Silence: Your silence means a lot to me
  3. Wealth: A person of wealth and influence
  4. Is personal wealth is estimated at around $200 billion
  5. Softness: The softness of her skin
  6. Movement: Loose clothing gives you greater freedom of movement
  7. Enemy troops movement
  8. Laughter: A house full of laughter
  9. He was bent over with suppressed laughter
  10. Death: Death comes to everyone
  11. Do you believe in life after death?
  12. Childhood: Childhood is the best part of life
  13. Theft: Police are investigating the theft of jewellery from the jewellery shop
  14. She admitted that theft of one pair of shoes

Collective Noun Examples:

10 collective nouns

Collective nouns of stands for a group of collections of person or thing has taken together as a one hole

  1.  Crowd: The crowd of the Delhi
  2. Mob: The mob of angry people
  3. Fleet: A fleet of ships
  4. Flock: A flock of sheep
  5. Army: An army of soldiers
  6. Crowd: A crowd of people
  7. Students: Students of the class
  8. Committee: Are you on the committee?
  9. Audience: The target audience for this advertisement was mainly teenagers
  10. Team: A team of experts has been called in to investigate this robbery
  11. Herd: A herd of elephants in the jungle
  12. A herd of cows in the field
  13. A herd of cattle is passing
  14. Jury: The jury has issued a notice
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A Noun can be also classified as Countable Noun and Uncountable Noun

Countable Noun Examples:

It stands for something that can be counted

  1. House: He went into the house
  2. Apple: I love apple
  3. Tree: The tree produced tiny pink blossoms
  4. Boys: There are several boys in the classroom

Uncountable Noun Examples:

 For something that cannot be counted, they can be measured

  1. Water: Give me a glass of water
  2. Air: The air is polluted
  3. Woods: Furniture made of a variety of different woods
  4. All the furniture was made of wood
  5. Sand: A grain of sand
  6. Concrete: Concrete is a mixture of sand and cement
  7. Grass: The field full of grasses

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