An Autobiography of a Broken Bicycle [PDF]


This article is an example of an autobiography of a broken bicycle.

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Hello friends… I am a Bicycle. A broken bicycle, soon to be destroyed completely. But before saying the final good-bye, I want to tell my story. You will be surprised to see me speaking, but this will be the first and last time that I will share my feelings with you.

My name is Birdie, Birdie the bicycle. I was born in a small factory near this beautiful city, in a machine. It was a simple cycle when I was born, but the men who worked in that factory gave me this beautiful look and transformed me into a beautiful Birdie.

They gave me beautiful colours, a sweet ringing bell, a small basket and a beautiful seat. When I was ready, they brought me to the ‘Goodwill bicycle Shop’, my home, where I lived with many family members and friends. We used to talk with each other and share our stories when men in the shop went to their homes in the night.


On one day, a young boy came to our shop. He was around 12-13 years old and his name was Tony. Tony was looking for a good bicycle in to buy, and suddenly he saw me.

He liked me very much and told his parents to me to their home, with them. His parents agreed, and I got a new family – Tony’s family. They loved me very much, and Tony took care of myself like his little sister! We used to go on round every evening, in a beautiful garden near our home.

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There were beautiful flowers in that garden, and they used to look at me and smile. There was also a small lake near the garden and would sit there and relax. The evening sunshine falling on the flowers, the lake, the garden, and on Tony’s face made everything look beautiful. Tony’s father took many pictures of me and Tony, in that park. I hope he will keep them with him forever.

Four years went like this, and then came that horrible day. My last day with Tony. Just like any other day, Tony was going to the garden with me. His father was with us.

While going, he saw a new ice-cream shop opened near the garden. He was very happy, and asked his father to buy an ice-cream for him. he parked me near the side of the road, went to eat the ice-cream.

I was waiting for him to come back, and suddenly – A bike came towards me at a very fast speed. That sound was very scary, when the bike was coming near me. Before I or Tony could do anything, that bike crashed with me.

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The boy on the bike fell, he was slightly injured, but he was fine. His bike was damaged a bit, and me? I was seriously injured, very seriously. My parts broke and scattered on the road – the seat, the basket, the bell, everything.  

Tony realized what has happened, and he was shocked. His father was also very shocked. They both came running towards me, and when Tony saw me, he started crying like a little boy.

I saw him, but I couldn’t do anything – I was helpless. And so was Tony. His father scolded the boy who was riding the bike. That boy said sorry for his mistake and said that he will pay for that bicycle. And he left.

But, how can money buy happiness? I was broken and destroyed. No one was able to repair me after that. Tony’s father went to many shops, asking for someone to try and repair me. But no use. Tony was still in shock and very sad.

It took a lot of time for him to be normal and move on. And finally, one day, his father told him that they will have to abandon me. They took me to a nearby garage, where the mechanic agreed to take me. And they left me, Tony and his father. I was left all alone, but with many other broken bicycles like me.

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It has been 4 days since Tony left me here, and I am waiting for my death. The boy who destroyed has paid back to Tony, and I hope that he will be able to find a new friend like me.

But I also hope that he will not forget me. I will not be able to forget him too. And I want to request all to be careful while driving on the road – don’t trouble others for your fun. Can you imagine what would have happened if Tony would have been riding me when the accident happened?

Be careful when driving on the road. Live and let others live. Not all broken Bicycles like me will be able to tell their stories. I got the chance, so I told my story, my autobiography.

I will stop here now. My time is over. Now everything is in your hands, take care so that no bicycle will have to leave this world at such a young age. My dear friends, now I say the final Good-bye to you all.

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