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Hello Readers, here is a demonstration of a camel in 5 lines or a little more. We have made a set of five, you can choose any 1 which is suitable for you, also you can combine 2 or 3 sets to develop your own.

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Set 1 on Camel:

  1. Camel is an animal, which is popularly known as the ship of the desert.
  2. It has more ability to tolerate any kind of situation like a sand storm or scorching heat and others, than any other mammals in the desert.
  3. Camels have leathery, flat, broad pads on its every foot. So when a Camel puts its legs on the sand, these pads help to prevent its legs from sinking deeply into the silky sand.
  4. The body temperature of the camel is as low as air temperature.
  5. It can easily tolerate more than 45°c temperature without any difficulties.
  6. Camel is also called as the king of the Desert.
  7. It is the only mammal that can maintain its existence in the desert.
  8. Camel is a herbivorous animal, so its favorite foods are cereal, grass, and others.

Set 2 on Camel:

  1. The ears of Camels are very small in size, a camel can hear the long-distance sounds also that come from far away in the desert.
  2. The eyes of Camels are large in size and they are secured by curly eyelashes that are long enough to protect its eyes from any kind of things like sands in sand storms.
  3. Camel has the ability to walk up to 5- 6 days constantly, without any food or water. If it goes in some places, without the availability of food, it can easily survive on that place for 5 to 6 days or it may find dried leaves, seed bones and many more things to eat as its food.
  4. The hairs of the camels are very soft in nature and they molt in the springtime. These hairs can be used to make a brand new coat or it may be used to make artist’s brushes, along with that, it can also be used to make tents and Bedouin rugs.
  5. Camels are available in various colors like almost black or brown or creamy brown.

Set 3 on Camel:

  1. Camels use their hump as storage of water and foods. However, the hump contains some fatty tissues, which they use as a source of energy when proper foods are not available to them.
  2. Camels have four legs. Though their legs are thin, their legs are able enough to carry a weight of 150 to 400 kilograms.
  3. The milk of the camel is very good for health and can make us healthy.
  4. A fatty person can easily drink the milk of Camel as the quantity of fat in this milk is as less as cow milk.  
  5. In the desert, Camels are also known as domestic animals.  

Set 4 on Camel:

  1. Thick Callus appears on the skin of Camels’ body at the age of 5 months. These patches help them to support their body weight at the time of rising, resting and kneeling.
  2. The actual height of an adult camel is 7 feet or 2.15 meters at its hump and 6 feet or 1.85 meters at its shoulder.
  3. There are two separate groups of Camels that are available in today’s Asia, those are:
    • The two-humped
    • The dromedary
  4. One Camel can walk with loads just after the age of 5 years, and its work activity comes to an end at the age of 25 years. But a normal Camel is able to live till 40 to 65 years.
  5. Camel is the only mammal that can cover a long distance in the desert without any difficulty. So that it can be termed as the ship of the desert.

Set 5 on Camel:

  1. The dry and hot weather conditions are very suitable for the Camels.
  2. The meat of the Camel is known as a very popular food in Arabian countries and arid lands because it is very hard to find the meat of goats, sheep or cattle at their regions.
  3. The mouth of an adult Camel is very large along with 34 sharp and hard teeth that help this mammal to eat thorny bushes.
  4. A fully adult camel has its weight up to 1542 lbs or 700 kg.
  5. The tail of a Camel is just like a rope and has a length of about 50 cm.     

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